Weird Toothpaste Flavors Taste Test

Weird Toothpaste Flavors Taste Test

We found some of the weirdest toothpaste flavors we could get our hands on. No government mind control here! GMMore #1413

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53 Responses

  1. Big Face says:

    I think that the tooth paste definitely helped with all the candy

  2. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    I used to have that watermelon toothpaste. Like you said, I felt like I was sugarizing my teeth so I got rid of it.

  3. Coalition of Friends says:

    They definitely needed this toothpaste testing after eating all that terrible candy

  4. Christie Bolden says:

    I never get to leave a comment so early! Yeah! I just love watching your show! You two are amazing at all aspects of your show. No matter what you are doing it’s funny and informative! My son showed me my first episode and I was hooked and have been watching episodes from the first season to catch up. So you are the best part of my morning and evening! Keep being your Mythical best!

  5. Khoula A says:

    The person who checks all the voicemails must have an amazing time at his job😂

  6. WTFitness Channel says:

    I remember when pump toothpaste was cool

  7. Sumayya Amos says:

    Wet the toothbrush.
    Apply toothpaste
    Wet the toothbrush again.

    It’s simple, people. For anyone who was doubting us.

    • Austen Mac says:

      Ive heard if you put toothpaste on and then wet it before you brush that you lose some of the properties. Idk where i heard that because its been so long, so it might just be a BS fact but it still makes sense to me so I wet brush then apply toothpaste and start to brush my teeth. I wet the brush to get quicker foaming but I recall my dentist never did that or anything with water before brushing.

    • Kajetan Mlynarczyk says:

      I put the toothpaste and just brush no water

    • Narcase says:

      I don’t wet my toothbrush at all. At least after I read that it dilutes the efficiency of the paste.

    • AmazingCheetos says:

      I always do it like this

    • Let's try to reach 100k subscribers with no videos says:

      This is true….

  8. Mackenzie Greager says:

    I never thought I would watch 2 grown men brush their teeth,but here we are😂😂😂

  9. Clint Mcintosh says:

    “As a human, she wanted to get rich” Rhett got me good with that line 😂

  10. kaitlyn truelove says:

    It was very satisfying watching you guys properly wet your brushes on the first one.
    (Dip, apply, dip)
    I feel at peace for once thank you

    (Update, its not consistent and i hate myself again)

  11. Josh C. says:

    yea, I do require flavored toothpaste- mint flavor

  12. Snoopys Biggest fan says:

    As a kid I had blueberry Pooh bear toothpaste, it had a shaped end too, some were a bee and some a honey pot 😄

  13. LaToya Hicks says:

    Will it Toothpaste? 🤷🏾‍♀️

  14. Off The Hook says:

    “Taste-a-phorically” Link 2018

  15. Candyce Renee says:

    This wasn’t just like a funny episode. It was exactly like that. Exactly. You know what? It just was that. This was a funny episode. Just watch this episode

  16. Spider Guy says:

    More people should watch Good Mythical More, it’s like an unfiltered production of the normal show. 👀❤️

  17. Chelsie Chambers says:

    I know they don’t enjoy doing it but I do enjoy hearing their frustration with fans at how they take things. They work so damn hard, they have every right to complain. It’s comedy. Fantastic comedy at that.

    • TheSparkyWriter says:

      Ikr! I mean I can understand about how the show is blahblahblah but that they like each other? Come on, kids.

    • MrsCurioCheerio says:

      I feel like they would vent more often (especially Rhett) but they probably don’t like doing it _because_ then they’ll just get even more defensive comments from people who feel personally attacked.

  18. Bracken says:

    2:17 My parents used to sing “Colgate toothpaste sparkling star” to the tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ to get me to brush my teeth with that sparkly star toothpaste. It worked, and now I have no psychic abilities. Thanks mom and dad.

  19. SunMarsMilkyway says:

    kinda wish they’d used bamboo brushes or something if they were just gonna use them once and then trow them away anyway

  20. Paul Bagnoli says:

    Rhetts utter disbelief in peoples ability to just completely misunderstand something is hilarious 1:15

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