Which star is terrified by toilets? Rhett & Link put their celeb knowledge to the test in today’s fear-inducing game of Guess That Celebrity Phobia! GMM #1201
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20 Responses

  1. Ben R says:

    Clearly Chase was dressed as “Gloves Bryan”

  2. BlendedBeautyXO says:

    I always took P Diddy as a toe man

  3. sam bogaert says:

    They thought the black one was afraid of piggs…

  4. Just ME Onlyme says:

    This is one episode I won’t be watching. I’m not interested in P D…toe .. whatever.
    ; /

    Happy B Day again ! 😀 ( old fart! )

  5. floingdetscha says:

    12:54 that is a weird looking deer…

  6. Kate Pluim says:

    All I could think about when they brought the pig out was pig anus soup.. painus😂

  7. Darrian Weathington says:

    Just aim the pig

  8. BeccaRides/ChaoticEva says:

    I love how Chase is so calm and sweet with the little pig. He’s always so great with animals!

  9. Cary Crocker says:

    So somebody has a toe-bia? I’ll stop now. 😄

  10. Jacob Babeu says:

    Did anyone else get a Christmas vibe when you saw their shirts?

  11. Shannon Butler says:

    I couldn’t handle Chase in this episode 😂😂😂 and their reactions to him.

  12. Darealyst Me says:

    i have a few of toilets, had it all my life, who else?

  13. d4rk0v3 says:

    “What was that stream of liquid that preceded that huge blob of gum?” – Link

    Umm. Saliva. You freaking moron.

  14. Eric Wilsey says:

    Chase is a serial killer, his ability to cut off all emotions scares the hell out of me.

  15. SpookySushi says:

    that lil pig is a sweetheart

  16. Matt Carr says:

    What type of satanic person would be scared of a pig? What type of satanic person would kill and eat a pig? Only these two disconnected morons. 8:00.

  17. Brandon Moses says:

    The amount of book plugging lately is almost crippling

  18. scott c says:

    Clever use of the file cabinet for the subtle hawking of their book.

  19. Jessica Landeros says:

    I’m terrified by the ocean. I never really knew until a few years ago when I went to the beach and cried when I got too far into the water. I mean I knew I wasn’t a big fan of the ocean, but I realized that I had a fear when I really thought about it.

    It’s called thalassophobia if anyone is interested.

  20. I'm Sillybillybee says:


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