Weirdest Disney Christmas Movies (GAME)

Weirdest Disney Christmas Movies (GAME)

Can Link and Rowan Blanchard tell the difference between a real Disney Christmas movie and a weird movie we made up?  GMM #1441

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86 Responses

  1. Casual Iguana says:

    Good morning mythical beast wishing all of you an awesome Tuesday!

  2. Knight Slasher says:

    You guys are always weird so this is normal to me

  3. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    11:24 Wait, that’s a Disney movie? Never heard of it but I’ve heard of the Disney movie Miracle about the famous Miracle on Ice which happened in my state in 1980

  4. A K says:

    “Santa Forgot to Wrap”
    My future pregnancy announcement caption

  5. kallie slays says:

    am I too old to know who she is?

  6. Katarzyna Keler says:

    “of course I’m competitive, I was on the Disney Chanel” ohhh myyy gooooood ?

  7. CityinFlames says:

    I didn’t who she was.. now I regret googling her because now I feel old.

  8. Some Internet Person says:

    The tricky paddle are the same colours as the YouTube logo.

    coincidence?! *i think not.*

  9. Ethan Weaver - Cars, Hunting and more says:

    5:54 she’s just laughing like, was that a joke or like was he being serious.

  10. Mari Anna says:

    It’s episodes like this that make me feel old…

  11. Hailey Funk says:

    Um… This collab feels awkward to me.

  12. Average Squares says:

    I notice GMM doesn’t mention feature guests in the video title anymore

  13. Dallas Price says:

    10:00 she had no idea what Rhett was talking about “Santa forgot to wrap” lmao went straight over her innocent little head

  14. Shaun The Producer says:

    Its like she’s fake laughing but she’s not. You can tell its genuine but held back or something.

  15. Darko Ristanovic says:

    She’s too innocent for “Santa forgot to wrap” jokes. 😀

  16. Random Asexual says:

    I love Rowan Blanchard! I have a friend who looks kinda like her. Also, that first movie sounds a lot like Life Size…

  17. Karlynn •-• says:

    does her laugh actually sound fake or is she kindly faking it ?

  18. PandaBear 3000 says:

    On an upcoming episode of LTAT, you should react to Draw With Jazza’s drawing of the two of you during his series of drawing YouTubers as superheroes and supervillains (it’s in ep 5.)

  19. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    Does anybody else wifi acts up in the fall and winter time I hate it.

  20. TrunksGav says:

    They should have asked Rowan to be Snow White in the live action

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