Weirdest Pizza Delivery

Weirdest Pizza Delivery

he forgot the bread sticks #shorts

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41 Responses

  1. Impostor says:

    MrBeast should have bought the entire pizza company and then give all his fans free pizzas

  2. rip says:

    I love how MrBeast always has $10,000 by his side, he’s prepared at all times 😂

  3. Fierce TV says:

    This is such a “MrBeast” thing to do

  4. Dam says:

    lmao the way he always has 10 grand with him at all times 😂


    I love how he just casually offered $10,000 for him to leave, i mean at least take the pizza lol 😂😂

  6. Jake The Snake says:

    Whoever was expecting that to go differently isn’t a true Mr. Beast fan.

  7. Your Gaming Lab says:

    The fact that he was just ready with a suitcase full of ten grand and also open is hilarious😂😂

  8. Patterrz says:

    Man has briefcases in strategic points around his house for just such an occasion

  9. hecker says:

    Can we just appreciate how he comes up with clever ideas in a short amount of time… Truly impressive.

  10. Risky says:

    Just casually has 10 grand with him 24/7

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