Welcome Aboard | Odyssey Animated Trailer – League of Legends

Welcome Aboard | Odyssey Animated Trailer – League of Legends

Consider this your invite to join the greatest crew in the galaxy.

Join the crew of the Morning Star for the Odyssey event in League of Legends, which starts September 12 with patch 8.18 and features Odyssey skins for Kayn, Jinx, Yasuo, Malphite, Sona, and Ziggs. The event will include:

– A Legendary skin for Kayn
– Epic skins for Jinx, Yasuo, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs
– The return of PvE in Odyssey: Extraction
– Ward skins, emotes, icons, and mission rewards

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68 Responses

  1. Knavenformed says:

    Raiders of the Broken Planet, Rage 2, Borderlands, Wildstar in one package. kk League design team

  2. MoonWalker says:

    That Malphite laugh at the start gets me every time.

  3. iamZahnder says:

    Would you kindly make a full-length movie already, Rito?

  4. ShitBucks says:

    Can’t explain how I.. Uhh.. Ugh! This trailer is so good!!! The animation, characterization, music and the craziness!! Enjoyed every second of it and we need a movie that is set in this universe rito, or even just a short series will do, please?! Finally, Sona is such a goddess.. Im melting…

  5. Richi790 says:

    Where was ziggs in this??

  6. No Man's Hell says:

    I will be honest but this is the best animation yet. Seriously it’s so cool. For first and let’s hope not last time you got claps from me. Congratulations Riot Games you got my respect on this one

  7. Richi790 says:

    That yasuo reminds me of kakashi

  8. Lerik SK says:

    its like guardians of galaxy

  9. Clara Lassen says:

    I’m actually in love with Jinx, oh man

  10. Mid NighT says:

    Thanos x jinx hentai conformed

  11. David La says:

    This is so Guardians Of The Galaxy Style….

    Love it. <3

  12. FairyNatasa says:

    MORE SKINSSSS? Come on Riot I already sold my kidney !!

  13. Sinan87 says:

    Jinx: What do u “say”
    Sona: *realizes *

  14. Matt Nguyen says:

    Pretty sure they buffed Jinx’s breast in this one.

  15. a dude says:

    1:11 that frame is shouting HEY RULE34 ARTISTS LOOK AT ME

  16. Duchu26 says:

    I just want to say that I love Jinx. That would be all, thank you.

  17. Jihyo's TT says:

    I need a League of Legends movie

  18. Masubo says:

    Am I the only one that loves how kayn talks?

  19. dyslexicc says:

    not even a year has passed and jinx gets another skin…

    take my money🀠🀠

  20. Wolf Snow says:

    Imagine Sunset Overdrive Splatoon Kakashi from Naruto and Starcraft had a baby that’s this video

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