Welcome to Bray Wyatt’s “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, April 22, 2019

Welcome to Bray Wyatt’s “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, April 22, 2019

An altogether different Bray Wyatt introduces his special friends at the “Firefly Fun House.”


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47 Responses

  1. DarkChaosKaxi says:

    I’ve been lost without you, Bray.

    Keep me safe in your special place, Bray.

    I will always let you in, Bray.

  2. Nikolai Horbaczewski says:

    Vince Mcmahon has been watching too much Youtube Kids

  3. JMW 708 says:

    Dear WWE creative, DO NOT DROP THE BALL ON THIS!!! This is a amazing!

    • James Hetfield says:

      If they ruin this it will destroy Wyatt’s professional career

    • Demetrick Pruitt says:

      Ryan Ong fin balor (turned into a mid card talent) Bobby roode, Nakamura, Asuka, jinder mahal, Braun Strowman, Elias, Cody Rhodes, Johnny, Jamie Noble, Luke gallows, velocity (only wanted him as cruiser weight) sin cara, Jeff Jarrett, Ultimo Dragon, Shelton Benjamin, a-train, MRRRRRRRRRRRRR.KENNEDY, i can keep going but literally everyone on this list had better careers before or after wwe

    • James Hetfield says:

      +Demetrick Pruitt jinder Mahal? Agree with everyone but explain why jinder. I don’t think he would be a top talent in any other company

    • buddha2148 says:

      Carlos Torres You do realize wrestlers have to reinvent themselves right?

    • Justin B says:

      Easy. Jinder as champion made more money than Bryan, Styles and Owens runs combined. Don’t believe me, look at T-Series.


    Sooooooooooo no one is gonna talk how muscular he’s gotten

  5. Hư cấu vlog says:

    Ok! This is Bray Wyatt¿ He’s scarier than the old one¡LOL¡??

  6. Meera Kat says:

    Kinda reminds me of the lunatic mr.rodgers they did on black dynamite

  7. Aaron Kelly says:

    Very intrigued about this character switch up. Please don’t make him a wacky/silly kid’s show host. Keep him creepy and let him win some feuds.

  8. Reeeb says:

    Children’s tv presenter with a chainsaw is nightmarish. Not sure about the intro but other than that it’s good

    • Zarabi Mizanin says:

      Reeeb I think the intro helps it cuz it’s supposed to convince everyone that’s he’s reformed or healed, or at least that’s how he would view it. Either way, I hope they don’t screw this up cuz it has so much potential and I’m excited now

  9. robert rice says:

    This is genius, everyone’s parents always had a sneaky suspicion. That Mr Rogers was Freddy Krueger in disguise. ?

  10. Voices In head says:

    “All you have to do, is let me in…”

    Sure thing, guy with a chainsaw!!

  11. divyansh reacts says:

    The best of Bray Wyatt don’t bury him again please please please


    from the creators of Super John Cena We present Firefly Fun House: With Your Host Bray Wyatt 😀

  13. Devi Dutta Pratik Bhanja Deo says:

    Farewell “The Ambrose Asylum”
    Welcome “The Firefly Fun House”

  14. Ja Ja says:

    Bray and Bo Dallas (Bolieve the Buzzards)

  15. Keltoigael says:

    This is the best character WWE has come up with since Taker.

  16. Dr. Satoru says:

    Bray has completely lost his mind..
    I love it!!!

  17. Shinichi Kudo says:

    “Hey what are you watching over there?”
    “It is.. um, a wrestling show.”
    “…..yeaaah suuure.”

  18. ahmad al-harith says:

    Buzzard is Eric Young,
    Doll is Nikki Cross,
    Bunny is Bo Dallas.

  19. Travis Toh says:

    I guess the Lake of Reincarnation really worked.

  20. Angel Lund says:

    remind me never to pick a fight with matt hardy, this is obviously what happens when you get……………….

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