Welcome to Hell – SNL

Welcome to Hell – SNL

Women (Saoirse Ronan, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Leslie Jones, Melissa Villaseñor) address the ongoing sexual harassment allegations.


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104 Responses

  1. Francesca huawei says:

    this is Real. if anyone is triggered by it they should be triggered by this behaviour, not the video. only men seem to be surprised.

    • Horse Guff says:

      Probably because the majority of men don’t rape people

    • Daniel Gregory says:

      The entirety of human behavior has evolved from the desire to mate. A male displays a behavior toward the female in hopes she will choose him. Whether or not she does rewards this behavior, and is this successful method (and his DNA) is then passed to the next generation, and so on. In humans (as with all other primates), it is the female who chooses the male.
      For example; women are typically attracted to men who are tall, protective, have a V shape, and large muscles. However, in today’s society these traits are no indication of someone who is financially successful or socially influential.
      -If it were men who chose the women, then women on average would be a lot thinner, shorter, and less brainy. But that’s not the case, women are graduating college at higher rates than men, earning higher degrees, they are getting shorter on average (don’t ask me how), but they’re also getting more obese on average.

      The idea that women could be so outraged at male behavior, as if this was something new (or something they didn’t encourage) would seem like a joke if it weren’t the reality we’re seeing now. It’s like engineering a tree to be taller and produce more fruit, and then getting angry because not only is it taller but it’s wider, and it produces more fruit but it has a funny taste to it now.

      If you want to change the world, STOP rewarding assholes, “alpha males”, jerks, morons, chauvinist, and mouth breathers with dates. There are a lot of good, decent, boring men out there who would love to put them out of business. Think before you Date. Humanity depends upon it.

    • Legion Ivory says:

      I’m aware this happens to women all the time, and it’s bullshit that it does.

      However, this video made male victims of sexual assault appear meaningless in comparison to women, as if we don’t have the right to be represented.

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      Francesca huawei When a girl distastefully approaches a guy it’s called slutty. When a guy distastefully approaches a girl it’s called ‘sexual harassment’.

  2. nolie blue says:

    tfw ur dad actually gave you a pink rape whistle
    so theres a lot there

  3. Bella Hill says:

    love how many men think they know how daily sexual harassment feels

  4. GruAndDrop says:

    As if you get harassed every second of the day. I pretty much work only around women and they love to make sexual innuendos and grope me, even the ugly ones. I 100% would rather work with men that actually do something instead of crying when stressed and talk about other colleagues behind their back.

    • Prank Girl says:

      Oh my gosh, are you 13 years old? I just can’t believe an adult would say something so immature and irrelevant, you have to be a kid right?

    • Prank Girl says:

      b ss

    • omg hey there says:

      well I am a sex worker who used to work in an office with all women. I went to an all-women to all-men job and guess at which one I get treated like crap and which one I get treated like a queen at? Yep…until women start treating other women like normal human beings without judgment, and protecting each other, then women will continue to have no place to go when men harass and abuse them

    • sniffthecactus duh says:

      Man, Tomska would be really disappointed in you using his character as a profile picture…

  5. Sicheng Hao says:

    Can someone explain to me why people are triggered???

  6. Melissa Jansen says:

    Men who feel offended by this video, watch it again. Women have been oppressed for centuries. Sexual harassment isn’t the exception, it’s the rule for us. You hadn’t been hearing about it constantly because women get backlash for reporting it, but we’re JUST NOW starting to feel safe to do so against certain public figures. This is our reality; this is our hell.

    • Mel Christensen says:

      The irony is that even now, there’s a fuckton of backlash. Just glance over this comment section. And guys have the gall to wonder why women are afraid to come forward.

      Hopefully the winds are changing; it would be about time.

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      Melissa Jansen When a girl distastefully approaches a guy it’s called slutty. When a guy distastefully approaches a girl it’s called ‘sexual harassment’.

    • Col Perry says:

      Conor Judge Probably steak but I’m not cooking so it’ll be a pleasant surprise.

    • TheSnoozeFox says:

      And women are still oppressed now in your beloved Islamic countries, of which you and the rest of the idiots at SNL are adamant on importing millions of to the US.

  7. Lily Cook says:

    Seeing all the comments of ignorant people who think just bc THEY haven’t experienced harassment, that it doesn’t happen is so frustrating, this needs so go viral

    • Patrick EH says:

      It happens Lily, but the women are getting something they want so don’t report it. Thus other women must endure it. THAT IS the pattern. Look at Hollywood.

    • kandydavins says:

      oh, youre going to save the actresses from making millions? please hurry!

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      If women are under siege from creepy men with boners then why are they, to be frank, sluttier than ever? They idolise porn stars (yes Kim Kardashian), post incredibly revealing and sexual pictures, dress with as little clothing than they ever have… This is just from what I experience as a 17 year old, and the girls my age seem to do just about anything for male attention. Obviously I’m not a rapist and don’t think any of it makes that stuff ok, but it seems to be a massive contradiction with how they seem to behave? I mean instead of making videos about it, why don’t your just stop posting pictures of you boobs? There’s literally 14 year olds wanking each other off in the middle of parties at my school, seems like the world is just a far more ‘sexual place’ in general.

    • George Bushlington says:

      The double standard. “Just cuz they haven’t been harassed” =” I know all of them,none have been harassed by unattractive woman, and a fraction have harassed woman”

  8. Moni Muppet says:

    So… what I’m reading from a lot of the haters is either, “Nothing is wrong, so shut up” or “It happens to men too, so shut up.” Both equal the same thing; that things are the way they are and there’s nothing anyone CAN or SHOULD do about it. Screw that. Keep speaking up everyone. The haters are a dying breed and they know it, that’s why they’re so angry. 🙂

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      Moni Muppet Moni Muppet Is this true or fantastical?? Because it sounds the latter. And what your describing by the sounds of things is a very creepy, perverted person and ‘stalker’, which is a crime and does not just fall under ‘sexual harassment’. In all seriousness you should probably contact the police if you believe to be in any danger. And how old our you? Judging from the fact you’ve made a ‘minecraft playlist pretty young, so you should tell you parents and get help. And if they are touching you that would be molestation not harassment. Either your ‘angelically’ beautiful, you want to be beautiful, or you’ve got a serious problem from some pervert and need help.

    • Moni Muppet says:

      Oliver 2000; Report it? To whom? You already stated that it sounds false. That’s why my first post said, “keep speaking up EVERYONE.” Because the greatest obstical in harassment and assault are the non-belivers.

      The minecraft is from my daughter, l turned 37 today. I don’t think I’m angelically beautiful. Beauty, just like clothing, is not the cause of harassment and assault anyway. And, yes, those things I mentioned do sound stalkery, but, as you’ve shown, people either don’t believe or don’t care.

  9. Sammy Williams says:

    The real hell is this comment section.

  10. PIX Promos & More says:

    I think I might be one of the FEW straight, white males who DOESN’T find this offensive–in fact, it’s a well-deserved splash of cold water in a lot of people’s faces…Having said that, though, the whole Sexual Harrassment stuff has made it virtually Impossible for most men to even Talk or say hello to a woman without fear of backlash…Ya’ might as well become a Monk and live a life of Celibacy. There needs to be a better kind of communication in the world about it.

    • Blind Justice says:

      That’s the big issue here, this whole movement of “men are bad, treat women with more respect!” isn’t actually helping because the good men already knew to treat women with respect so they only become less confident in themselves, while the bad men out there already don’t listen to what anybody tells them so they don’t change.

    • Harry Hill says:

      Hey! You’ve inspired me to make a song about christmas and yellow snow! I’ve uploaded it to my channel and I’d love to hear what you think 🙂

    • Brother Ares says:

      That Guy Matt
      That’s not their message. Their message is all men are evil and women are victims. And people are not taking that shit anymore.

    • Sarah C says:

      What? I feel like you aren’t 100% there yet if you think it has become virtually impossible for most men to talk or say hello to a woman. Pro-tip: Don’t ask random women out on the street. Don’t say hello at night. Other than that what is confusing? All these dudes are being fired for whipping their penises out on unsuspecting women or grabbing their boobs while they are sleeping, etc. Unless that is your idea of talking what do these things even have anything to do with what you are mentioning?

    • Fashnalist 02 says:

      what does being white have to do with it when most of the people who have sexually assaulted people are Jews and blacks

  11. Stalewind Farto1078 says:

    Yeah it must be hell being actually valued by society, and not a disposable utility like men are. Men go into every dangerous job, because if we don’t, it will not be done.
    I get that some men are creeps, but at least people try to protect you. No one needs to protect us, because men really are not needed in large numbers anymore. Unless of course big bad Russia invades. Then you might just value that male aggression we are always railed against for having. Plus, Kudos to the lady pilots I knew in the Navy. Them chicks had balls.

  12. Awesome Alie says:

    WOW… how low can you go?!?
    These people are representing women?! Well I have a great career with a strong man by my side, this does not represent me at all. Strong powerful women don’t blame others for their misery, they come back up on their high heel shoes and aspire others to face struggles head on. Yes we may own guns but its not mostly pink in color. Strong women don’t need to use FEMINISM to be empowered, because we know our self worth, and we know damn right we are good with our job and gets paid well. We don’t need feminism to raise our pay, we have our diplomas and degrees, our street smarts and our confident assertive attitude that the company themselves will pay us what we deserved! Strong beautiful women don’t make excuses to be treated with respect, we are already treated with respect because we do not complain or give others hard time just to earn it. For once be responsible for whatever actions you do! First of all if you want to be respected change your way of thinking, do not think as a victim! Wear clothes that are not demeaning your credibility. And if you want to wear sexy, OWN IT! you want to expose your boobs and wants respect then you are definitely giving the wrong vibes to others. SNL I really don’t know the agenda of this but it is a pretty shitty way to represent women.

  13. Heyitslucie says:

    But men are more likely to be murdered or assaulted???

    • Heyitslucie says:

      For everyone commenting, I did not once say that women were less likely to be assaulted or raped, not once. I was just stating in my comments and my reply that men just don’t have the support that women do. Okay I was wrong on the assault part, but I’ve admitted I was wrong and I can move on.

    • Conor Judge says:

      Crazy Goose no it’s not. It’s about “welcome to hell.” That women’s lives are hell compared to men and things are ruined for them which is why they carry keys between their knuckles. And it’s objectively false. Men are in much more danger walking to their cars than women. Actually twice as much danger. So all this video is about is female fragility. Having it easier but being so privileged that you think your in hell and the ones who have it twice as bad are not

    • Conor Judge says:

      Prettypinkdork so…what? What difference does that make? Men are assaulted/killed disproportionately. A woman walking alone is in half as much danger as a man is. So violent men are sexist against men. Therefore men’s lives are hell. Not women’s. So…it completely debunks the premise of this video

    • Kelsey Allison says:

      Brother Ares the problem with the men’s rights movement is quite more often than not the group is less focused on being “pro man safety” and seems to be more interested in calling out women for hypocrisy. The way we are taught to view women and men in the harassment scene was developed by men and toxic masculinity. If men rights activists focused on how to level the playing field instead of trying to tell women to stop having what men have I think that they would be respected more. I think the same could go for feminists as well

    • Tyaine Wright Shirley says:

      What people are seeming to not realise is that real feminism is also a movement for male rights. Can we not focus on what gender gets hurt the most but that we’re all getting hurt and the solution isn’t arguing with each other but fighting together.

  14. burningmisery says:

    To everyone feeling as if women finally feeling empowered to come out and face their accusers and get at least some form of retribution – imagine if it were your mother, wife or even daughter that was sexually assaulted, harassed or even raped, what would you say to her? The same dumb things you preach online because you’re too afraid of saying it out loud? Insult her for daring to speak out?

    • Bear Manley says:

      I love how people want to focus all the attention on the LESS THAN 3% PER YEAR THAT FACE FALSE RAPE ACCUSATIONS, and NOT the 97% that are true……
      ONE is a HUGE GIGANTIC PROBLEM!!!! The only is not….

    • Wermhats Wormhat says:

      I would tell her “Aidy, you’re a big fat fatty and you’re acting crazy, nobody wants to harass you hunny, you look gross”

    • omg hey there says:

      +burning you are the problem. the predators ALREADY KNOW AND DONT CARE, THATS WY THEY DO IT

    • Karla Haiat says:

      Actually, feminism wants to defeat the same society that makes men not be able to speak out when they are harassed

  15. Luna Serene says:

    That part about the hotel rooms not being safe…couldn’t be more true. They’re like death traps if you happen to end up in one with a person or group of people who have bad intentions. I was sexually assaulted by a famous actor who i thought was a friend.

    He is an internationally famous European actor who i knew cos he was good friends with my ex. We had many nights of shared hotel rooms with him and he would even stay at our apartment when he was in town. All of my years knowing him he never tried any moves on me just would make certain flirty jokes around my ex.

    He recently came to film a movie in my current city and asked to hang out and have a drink. When he said he needed to change his shirt i followed him back to his room (nothing intended since it was like old times) and i went to the window to photograph the view while he went to the bathroom to change. When he came out he was suddenly behind me groping my shoulders and trying to kiss me. I immediately told him i wasn’t interested and tried to leave. He grabbed my head with his strong hands and started trying to force me to kiss him and was grabbing me and trying to kiss me all over and managed to get my jacket off. I kept telling him to stop and that i want to leave. He was grabbing my hair and hurting me. This went on for what seemed like 20 straight minutes. I kept trying to leave and he kept grabbing me and holding me and trying to kiss me. I was afraid to scream cos he was a huge guy and i thought he would get angry and knock me out so he could rape me. I finally got closer to the door and when i opened it a few inches he came behind and shut it back and pressed me against the wall and started pushing my head against the wall and grabbing my face and forcing himself on me. I started trying to knee him in the balls and he stepped back and i quickly opened the door and ran out. He followed behind me. I was frightened but I did not want to make a scene, i just wanted to get out of there. He followed me all the way outside to my car and said out loud

    “I should have just FORCED myself on you!”

    It seemed he had intentions the whole time to rape me.

    I got in my car and left. He called me the next day like nothing happened and kept calling me Princess and wanted me to visit him on set of the movie he was shooting and said he could get me a role in the film ( a big hollywood film that was released this past summer). I told him i was not interested and hung up. everyday after that he kept calling me and i ignored him until a friend suggested i answer and record the conversation. So i did this and recorded me telling him how disgusting he acted and that i never want to see him again. He was apologizing and sounded drunk. I could only imagine how many other woman he has done this to here and in other countries.

    You have seen him in plenty of big films but he is more known in Europe. I really want to speak out but i know he has kids. I really dont know what to do. There is this fear i will be one if these woman coming out against another hollywood person and be stuck with that stigma unfortunately…but then I think what if i can give courage to other women he could have done this to all around the world…

  16. knares13 says:

    I know I ought not expect above-average intelligence and rationality from a YouTube comment section.. but I feel strangely compelled to point out something here.

    Sexual harassment and sexual violence have nothing whatever to do with the innocent and friendly act of striking up a conversation with a girl or asking a girl out – the first time, and without lewd language. When a girl’s explicit or implicit “NO” is ignored, however, then it becomes unwelcome attention. And it will always be unwelcome attention if it’s coming from a stranger in any place where a woman has been trained to be alert for her own safety. i.e. Expect a negative response when approaching women in parking lots, dimly lit streets, hotel hallways, in the subway, etc.

    The slew of prominent men who have been accused of inappropriate behavior were not fired from their various jobs because they innocently asked someone out or gave non-lewd compliments about a person’s appearance. They forced their advances on others.

    There’s no point in trying to make it a more complicated issue than this. Respect everyone”s right to say “NO” to anyone at any time, and don’t push things further if they do.

    • Prank Girl says:

      Brother Ares
      Men do not get raped by women more than women get raped by men. Don’t be silly, you know it’s an absolute verifiable fact that the vast majority of assaults and rapes are perpetrated by men. Men are stronger than women, therefore have more power and control in the situation always.

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      Prank Girl Women also cheat more

    • carlyc183 says:

      Thank you.

    • knares13 says:

      Brother Ares Acknowledged. You’re quite right. I was not directly addressing the larger issue, or even the SNL video. I should perhaps have stated more clearly that my comment is in response to the multitude of comments below that claim (paraphrasing) that “men can’t talk to women any more without being accused of harassment.”

    • knares13 says:

      Oliver 2000 Not “locked up,” no, that doesn’t really apply here. Men aren’t being imprisoned for sexual harassment, only for assault. But yes, men ought to be able to expect just as much respect as women, and just as much freedom to report the women that harass them to HR, or do whatever else necessary (short of resorting to violence) to end the harassment. Women can be predatory too, I completely get it.

  17. Florence of A'Labia says:

    Relatable as heeeeeeell. This is 100% my life.

    • omg hey there says:

      why Joel? Are you really so backwards and outdated you think that SOME women (i e sex workers) deserve harassment?

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      Florence of A’Labia When a girl distastefully approaches a guy it’s called slutty. When a guy distastefully approaches a girl it’s called ‘sexual harassment’.

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      And this, everybody, is everything that’s wrong with ‘feminism’.

    • Kieran McKinney says:

      You’re a fuckin stripper and your complaining about being objectified. take a look in the mirror you hypocritical piece of filth

  18. Craig Thomas says:

    To all the other men like me, who are shocked at what we are learning about what women go through. Don’t blame yourself but don’ tolerate sexism even privately. The next time you hear other men talking about women like objects to be possessed, instead of individuals with their own rights then call them out on it. I was shocked the first time my mother said she often had to hang up on nasty phone calls (I was visiting her when she got one) and now I am more alarmed at the ubiquitous nature of sexual harassment. I really thought creeps like that were uncommon and now I know they are everywhere. We men (uncreepy ones) really need to stand with the women against all misogyny. We can’t ignore how bad it is just like we can’t pretend our society is post-racial. BTW: In locker rooms I’ve never heard men brag about harassing women (just about their own sexual prowess) but even calling a women “A nice piece…” cannot be tolerated.

  19. tumadrepinchependejo says:

    Wow…who thumbs down a video about sexual harassment…that’s actually pretty funny. 2K thumbs down…yup. this is the next battle front I guess

  20. soph says:

    things cant never be about women or their stuggles without all the misogynists coming out of hiding and crying over how things arent about men lmaoo.

    • Theeternalblacksun says:

      soph Probably because women don’t have any struggles. Except perhaps deciding whether they want to play the victim or the strong independent woman on any given day. All depends on which method gets you the most attention and praise.

    • omg hey there says:

      i k r How empty can someone be? Living off women

    • omg hey there says:

      thoe are not mutually exclusive, you walking emotional failure.

    • omg hey there says:

      +Gabe Maybe you always -fascinatingly- try to have your little focus on your issues- IN OUR SPACE YOU FAGGOT…go find your own…GET OUT OF OUR TREEHOUSE YOU EFFEMINATE PUSSY HUNGRY MAMA’S BOY.

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