Welcome to my channel

Welcome to my channel

Q&A to celebrate reaching 1 million followers on twitter.
If you like what you see, please subscribe.
Let me know in the comments what other videos you would like me to do.
Thankyou x

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20 Responses

  1. Antonia Dahlmeier says:

    I love you! Please go on with this channel, it’s so awesome! much love xx

  2. Camuska says:

    I’m sure Sophie smells like Heaven… but I need proof…for…you
    No…. really…
    *run away*

  3. PA Brt (Just Azeria) says:

    You’re amazing and gorgeous
    From France

  4. Zyphet says:

    Too many cuts, gotta keep it flowing. But this is probably your video
    editors fault? You arent doing your own editing, I’m guessing. Probably not
    reading comments either.

  5. FlyingDistaster99 says:

    Make a video with Sophie Turner or Natalie Dormer and I can die a happy man

  6. Margaux Demarquay says:

    Oh my god I really love you, it’s a perfect idea t creat a youtube chanel
    and I hope see moore of “The world of Maisie ! ” Keep going, I love you
    (you look like a little sister or something like that).

    Ps : I love too Sophie

    Ps : sorry if do mistakes i’m not really good in english


  7. ExtremeTG says:

    Can you and sophie just get it on. Its my fantasy

  8. Lorine L-A-N says:

    My girl ❤️

  9. Beatrice Hendry says:

    Idk do weirdass challenges with people

  10. The Acorner says:

    yesssssss love her

  11. Will Flynn says:

    Just what I need, another channel to get addicted too. I would love to see
    some Game of Thrones stuff

  12. Thompson CZ says:

    Cool!!! For me you are still Arya :D

  13. Jette says:

    FINALLY ???

  14. Kim Jansen says:

    you’re amazing! I hope in 3 years when I turn 18 I’m as cool as you are!
    Please do the cubby bunny challenge with marshmellows :D

  15. Callum Read says:

    Wow Maisie! It seemed like you’ve been making YouTube videos for ages! I
    can’t wait to see more from your channel. Your personality is so contagious
    and you just seem like a lovely person! Can’t wait to see more videos and
    also can’t wait to see you on Doctor Who!!!

  16. Peterson Gonzalez Silva says:

    Da hora, regards from Brazil!!! :)

  17. mohanad572 says:

    can you make a videos about game of thrones game

  18. eric meldonian says:

    What would we like to see you to do ? What about impressions of the other
    characters of GoT ? Would be fun to watch. :)

  19. Big Dil says:

    Great first vid (better than mine). Also prank Casper

  20. Khaleesi says:

    you should collab with Caspar again