Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family

Thanks for watching!

There will be 5 videos this week, with Friday’s being a Q&A. Ask your questions here, or on Twitter or Facebook:) Next week we will try a MWF schedule.

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20 Responses

  1. charlotte1864 says:

    trey is the cutest baby ever omg

  2. Mikhaila Alexis says:

    to be honest, i subscribed just to see more trey.

  3. Patrice Brend'amour says:

    Can’t. Stop. Smiling

  4. ElijahBijah says:

    I can’t decide who’s cuter: Trey DeFranco or Kane Atwood?

    idk they are both awesome.

  5. sparkleinthesky says:

    this channel is exactly what I needed for my fave internet family!! the
    last 3 seconds of this video are the best part

  6. The.Awkward.Weirdo.27 says:

    I usually don’t like kids but Trey is so adorable

  7. AngeliqueP28 says:

    Can you link us to the Taco stuffed Zucchini Boats?

  8. sw says:

    You should look up Cook Smarts Lindsay. More on the healthy side, but it’s
    amazing for weekly planning and it has gerocery lists.

  9. xzx says:

    I shouldn’t go crazy bout this. But Phil wearing shoes in the house is
    making me cringe.

  10. Lyndsey Elaine says:

    Thinking about having any more kids? (:

  11. TaylorSelenaSwift says:

    Trey is sooo cute!!!
    Q: Can you please do a house tour?

  12. Zach Echols says:

    He has to be the cutest baby 

  13. Surya says:

    yaaaaay so glad you guys decided to do this!

  14. Zach Echols says:

    Didn’t realize Phil’s shoe game was so strong 

  15. Bridget Sweeney says:

    Lindsay, how do you balance being a mom and still making time to go out
    with your girl friends?

  16. Rush2TheStage says:

    Adopt me plz! i know im 25 but its fine ill do all the cooking and cleaning

  17. Mary Means says:

    How has marriage & parenthood changed your friendships?

  18. Noemi Gonzalez says:

    Loved it you guys, keep it coming!

  19. GettinSpooky says:

    he is SUCH a happy baby with his Teefs!!! <3

  20. Heidi Lim says:

    fuck american people