Welcome to the Paldea region! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet

Welcome to the Paldea region! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet

Fidough though. 🐶🍞

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40 Responses

  1. Casual YouTube Viewer says:

    A lot of people assumed that the legendary Pokemon were obtainable early on as Pokemon that can be used in battle but from what we’ve seen, I don’t know if that’s the case. I think it will be similar to Wyrdeer and the other rideable Pokemon in PLA where you don’t necessarily have them as Pokemon that can battle. I assume they will be catchable later on in the game.

    • stav kous says:

      Did they really have to get rid of their tails?

    • Doctor Robotnik says:

      That is so stupid.

      “Congratulations trainer, you’ve overcome so many challenges, your reward is to catch the thing you’ve already had the entire game!”

    • LunaMane says:

      I agree. This doesn’t seem like we’ll “catch” Koraidon/Miraidon from the jump exactly. They’ll be available to us as a mode of transportation – and once we prove ourselves at the end of the Treasure Hunt THEN we can catch them.

    • Deoix9877 says:

      @Alye’ Stuff! there are plenty of legendary pokemon that are canonically not unique and there’s more than one. latios and latias, the legendary birds, sylvally, solgaleo and lunala… it has never been a requirement for legendary pokemon to be unique. and at least miraidon seems to be man made. if you made one, you can always make more, like with sylvally or genesect

    • Leonardo Bonkoski says:

      You can only use then on final battle.

  2. Solum says:

    I understand Koraidon is supposed to be the legendary of the past and Miraidon is the legendary of the future, so it makes sense for Koraidon to be just running and Miraidon has the motorcycle wheels, but it bothers me too much when Koraidon is running on its legs despite having wheels on its body.
    Why does he have those wheels at all?

  3. Koda says:

    I love how goofy and cute Koraidon is when you ride him. The map seems really large as well, so I can’t wait to just spend time riding Koraidon around it. The characters all look pretty cool (except the main character). The gimmick seems pretty cool as well.

    • Lolcow TV says:

      @Koda i’m not so sure anymore, cuz it kinda looked like they were both shown in the same footage, maybe they’ll both be in each game, with only their role being different, kinda like maxie and archie

    • zeranzeran says:

      @Koda while this is true, the Switch still has more GPU and processing power than any phone, and can run things that not any phone could. (Example: can you run Breathe of The Wild on a phone? No!) This is not about how powerful the switch is, it’s about GameFreak rushing everything and it still looks like it did 5+ years ago. If anything, the games are just getting worse, less to do and see in every one.

    • zeranzeran says:

      @Koda The switch is capable of some amazing graphics, man. Look at The Witcher, Crysis, Skyrim, Bayonetta? They have an insane amount of high quality characters, models, buildings, levels, and it all runs at 60FPS. This looks like a Wii or Gamecube game barely running at 30fps.

      I really want to like Pokemon games, but they continue getting worse, and worse, and worse.. Why are Diamond and Pearl better than any Switch PKMN game? They just.. didn’t try. The games are so lazy and small, nowhere to explore. I really tried to like it. Gamefreak has stopped caring, and it’s sad. Every pokemon game gets worse.

    • Koda says:

      @zeranzeran Well, the Switch is 5 years old and it was already pretty underpowered when it first came out. Most phones are more powerful than the switch now.

    • AtticusRh0des says:

      Its confirmed to be smaller than sword and shield, how ever its wild area is the size of the wild area from s&s

  4. Jaywolfie says:

    I just like the Arcanine/Growlithe pack in the start simply living it out.

    • zeranzeran says:

      That was the only good thing about this trailer tbh. This looks horrible.
      why do the graphics look worse than most mobile phone games? Even Pokémon Duel (a mobile Pokémon game that’s been out for years) has higher quality graphics than this. Wtf?

    • Severin French says:

      @NightGlider I respect your opinion and I do agree that it’s nice to give less popular Pokémon a chance in the spotlight, however I will bring up the point that fans who do ribbon master challenges are quickly running out of Pokémon who are able to collect all the ribbons from Colosseum/XD onwards. It’s kind of a shame for them because “dexit” hit them hard 🙁

    • Oliver Kim says:

      Growlithe pog i agree

    • NightGlider says:

      @Falco Flare
      Am I the only one that glad about that?
      I think it’s great that GameFreak is finally letting other Pokémon shine for once instead of keeping the old reliables like Charizard and Gardevoir

    • Falco Flare says:

      @AAZ 1104 Add the Gardevior line being cut.

  5. TheRealXenoBeast says:

    The fact that Skiddo is finally catchable again is amazing

    • Cobwebinthecorner says:

      Yeah, I plan on shiny hunting it since my first shiny was a Skiddo and unfortunately the cartridge it was on got lost.

    • Christian Flaherty: Sequel Edition says:

      Pincurchin came back, too. I was worried that they were gonna be forgotten but not only are they back, but EELEKTROSS returned too!
      Long live these weird electric sea creatures!

    • mega shiny flygon master says:

      F that look at how all the Pokemon glitter and shine up

    • River Torres says:

      I’m also glad I’ll get to catch Houndour.

    • River Torres says:

      @Music2Anime of course I wouldn’t forget Deerling or Sawsbuck.

  6. Daniel Carrasco says:

    So happy that Sawsbuck is getting its forms back

  7. SonicHaXD says:

    Legendaries turn into motorbikes
    *pretends to be shocked GIF XD

  8. Demaine Cunningham says:

    This looks so promising especially compared to the last two generations. Can’t wait for the official release!!!!

  9. Yamato The Senpai says:

    The more I look at the trailer, the less I’m sure on which one to get cuz both Legendaries look really freaking cool. Might be wish fulfillment, but I hope both versions have considerable differences between them enough to make me want to buy both verisons.

  10. Kyndra Blankenship says:

    Since they’re bringing back the changing seasons feature, I hope we get a new Pokemon that changes its form with the seasons like Deerling and Sawsbuck.

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