Welding on Ruby’s GIANT New 88mm Turbo!!! + Immediately Testing the Spool Time! (many freedoms)

Welding on Ruby’s GIANT New 88mm Turbo!!! + Immediately Testing the Spool Time! (many freedoms)

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51 Responses

  1. MartinStangMan says:

    OBVIOUSLY, Y’all leaned it to a Precision angle for when you launch and the front picks up and makes her level.

  2. alanjrkaminski says:

    Man, James’s daughter is getting so big seems like she was born yesterday

  3. ChuckO says:

    “Cmon man, do a burnout. Like half a tire turn.”
    Cletus is the turbo of peer pressure

  4. Vasily Builds says:

    When Cleetus welded the wrong side, I felt that..

  5. Totel Recall says:

    My heart can’t take that there is no support for that turbo. Can’t wait for it to get hot and bend down, that will be a funny video haha

  6. John Lloyd says:

    A guy I used to work with had a sticker saying this on his tool box: “Experience Is Something You Have Right After You Needed It.”

  7. Ramlaen says:

    “Cooper with a turbo Civic”
    So that was why he wanted an enclosed trailer.

  8. The_Lone_Wolf57 says:


  9. EX7RUD1CON says:

    “This turbos too big” – no one ever

  10. Lacey Mungo says:

    Whatever happened to cooper’s Supra would love to see what’s going on there. FYI this is my favorite channel. Best content on the tube

  11. MONSTA says:

    Long sleeve shirt: “shorty is thick though”… I’m buying immediately!!🔥🤣🤣🤣

  12. M C says:

    When james started up how truck, the auto generated captions said “(music)”. It is music to my ears.

  13. Ben Dover says:

    James looks so happy that Cleetus messed up, cause I’ve worked at a shop before & the boss “never messes things up” , respect that Cleetus took the blame & pointed it out most importantly

    • Brofessor Zweistein says:

      I think those three guys are equal partners at this point.

    • Case-Hard Nails says:

      I like the way he did it. But, come on man. If the man knows anything it’s what will make good content. I don’t think he made a mistake on purpose but once he did he was like s*** this is great for the video

  14. Tyler Lucas says:

    After that move with the turbo housing you need to make a shirt that says “If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough!”

  15. schmidt says:

    Cleatus: let me flex my giraffe tape measure

  16. rjjii1980 says:

    “Ruby’s starter is going bad.” Proceeds to install a bigger turbo instead………….

  17. Ryan Thomas says:

    Cleetus “Measure Once” McFarland strikes again!

  18. How Food? says:

    11:54 James’ face when he said he probably wouldnt even need the v band 😂😂

  19. Steve Letson says:

    Cleetus should have had Jeremy’s son do the welding for him. Maybe the boy could give him some lessons while he’s at it.

  20. Johnny Turbo says:

    8:16…. nothing will make a Dad smile more, then one of his lil people… #Dadlife

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