well NYC, Today is the Day

well NYC, Today is the Day

ANDREW — https://www.youtube.com/c/TheAndrewSchulz
DEAN — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQSCT-4rWhhtC39hAAL6Vtg/videos?app=desktop

FOLLOW JAY (surf cameraman) https://www.instagram.com/jaybelsky/
SKUDIN – https://skudinsurf.com/

Dopamoon – Reine de l’attitude: https://alterk.lnk.to/DOPAMOON
CloZee – Desert: https://alterk.lnk.to/ClozeeEvasion
KETXL – www.ketxl.com

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35 Responses

  1. The Andrew Schulz says:

    Why did Miles sell Skudin’s chair tho?

  2. Kevin Pickelman says:

    It’s a good day when Casey posts. Heavy throwback vibes lately it’s giving me a lot of 2016 nostalgia

  3. Justus Wise says:

    God Andrew + Casey is such a rad combo. Worlds colliding and it’s fantastic

  4. John Y says:

    What is it about Casey’s videos that just fill you with joy about life?
    I can’t quite place it – maybe it’s the camera work coupled with the seamless editing, perhaps Casey’s unique narrative style or the music that just perfectly fits the vibe each time. Whatever it is, whatever the video is about, everytime it gets me so pumped and happy.

  5. Liza_Official says:

    And you can tell just how much fun he has making vlogs again. So glad to have him back in NYC.

  6. Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X says:

    I just missed Casey so much and his editing, music, attitude, and his storytelling. It’s so Pure.

  7. Prem Fca says:

    Only Casey can create the most Chaotic video and yet so creative, the most crazy and wild he can be and his videos and yet says what a gem of a creator he is. He never fails to mesmerize me with the story and the pace he comes up with. Not a single video is repeated like ever.

  8. Alexander says:

    Seeing Andrew pop up was awesome! Granted how long it must take Casey to get a single shot, I’d love to see a video of someone filming Casey film himself all day just to have a third person perspective.

  9. SeanElizabeth F says:

    I love how Marlyn knows to look into the camera when he’s talking to Casey. These characters know their roles well. Casey even has randos on the street filming for him! They know his technique!

  10. Jesus Christ says:

    dope. keep on keepin on.

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