Well… This Took A Turn

Well… This Took A Turn

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LAST WEEKS VLOG! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOPWjtTiAdA&t=492s

Ryland’s New Vlog! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGnMJ5qzEK4

In todays vlog we come out of the pantry, try new fast food hacks, and talk about trying to make a movie! Oh, and look at a multi million dollar mansion that we could never live in. Hope you enjoy!

Caden Finch
Marissa Ann Patterson

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31 Responses

  1. Shane2 says:

    Hope you guys like this new vlog!!! I’m having a lot of fun just filming things that make me happy. Sometimes at 3am. Hope it’s not too sad!! If you want more let me know!🙏🏻❤️

  2. Johnnie Guilbert says:

    Really hoping this horror film happens.
    Remember you talking about it years ago.
    Also excited to see Michael Gallagher involved in it.👏🏻

    • Stephanie Blankenship says:

      @chloe ! clearly your not bc your still here watching this video too😂

    • ava says:

      ​@chloe ! why tf are u here😭🙏

    • Teegan Rose says:

      I love that ur a Shane fan

    • Tig ol' Bitties says:

      ​@chloe ! L+ Ratio + I’m gay + Stay mad + Why are you here + Extra chromosomes + 8 inches for the wenches + movie grub eatery + big sauce catastrophe + mickey mice the thrice + kris kringle + trigonometry is for the botomy + toontown + cogs + no lure + frost cross mcgee

  3. Emma says:

    Shane, you probably won’t see this comment but I have been watching you since I was 13 and I’m 27 now and I have to say this video is giving me ALL the nostalgia vibes of your old vlogs. I used to come home from high school (which I hated omfg) and sit down and get excited knowing that I had a video from you to watch. Life is way different now but your recent videos are making me feel that same happiness and excitement. I hope you know how much people like me are rooting for you in all your endeavors- podcast, movie, etc! Keep making content, we love you ❤ Also, totally do that weird breathing thing when I get out of breath around my ~skinny~ friends lol

    • Benami Sai-Kham says:

      I can’t believe 2008 was 15 years ago. I began watching Shane’s content after the Fred video (I was in 4th grade and thought Fred was top tier comedy) and when I got middle school it was a huge cooler-older kid thing, it really hit me that I’ve grown up with Shane’s content for over half of my life now.
      This really did feel kinda like a throw back in a sense, it was comforting and nostalgic from when I was in high school and taking a bunch of meds that were pretty sedative and I would fall asleep to the new daily vlog because it was the perfect length to knock out to after taking my meds and felt so comforting to watch before bed.

    • Elizabeth Winpigler says:

      Same here and I’m 25 now!!!

    • Adron Stone says:

      Ditto but I’m 26

    • Kinsley McLean says:

      I was gonna comment this same thing basically but you said it perfectly, I’m 23 now, I remember being 15 coming home and being so hype to watch a Shane video! Life has changed so much but the excitement of his content is still the same 🙂

    • Arts & Crafts says:

      @Shane2 in the same boat 😊 been watching since I was first on YouTube, probably around 2008 and now I’m 25 😊 very excited for your movie, let’s manifest it 🥳

  4. TK says:

    YOU have beeen my favourite youtuber for 8 years or more now. even when the cancelling happend i was rooting for you to come back and make amazing videos like you did before.
    i miss your documentaries so so much and i really hope you will make them someday <3

  5. ErikTheElectric says:

    Hopefully McDonalds can accommodate 200 boots for me the next time I’m in the drive thru. 😂

  6. Vanessa says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie (that is 1000% going to be made 😉)!

    Also, idk why I laughed so hard when you told the story about people going out to eat with their skinny partner and them giving each person the wrong meal 😭😭😭

  7. Alexis Sholtz says:

    i love that Ryland said “you guys are nuts” as if WE plotted with Shane to order a 6 piece nugget of boots😭

  8. Lorna Ott says:

    This is the Shane we missed… the random, the funny, the whatever tf you’re curious about that we all secretly are too!! Lol

  9. Rachael Sapp says:

    I’m so glad vlogs are back! Love that you have the confidence to share your creativity with us again! And even though scary stuff isn’t always my thing I think I will try and be brave and go see the movie when it hits theaters!

  10. Owen Miles says:

    Been going through a lot with my mental health recently. I’ve been rewatching your videos as an escape as I used to do when I was younger still really works I wish you all the best and look with the movie ❤

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