Wendy Talks about Fainting on Yesterday’s Show

Wendy Talks about Fainting on Yesterday’s Show

Wendy opens up about fainting during her LIVE Halloween episode.

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20 Responses

  1. Reese Bronson says:

    I love you Wendy

  2. As I Revolt says:

    We love you Wendy. Glad you’re ok.

  3. Cali Den says:

    It scared me…..I’m glad she’s ok.im close to her age and I have dizzy spells from pre menopause.you have to drink water Wendy.

  4. Uncommon Sense says:

    Why’d you have to wear black and white today with that belt dude?

  5. DeMirra Jones says:

    I”m so glad you are okay. I like you and then sometimes I don’t like you, but at the end of the day, I love you. Wishing you the best. πŸ™‚

  6. Jacqueline Perry says:

    Glad your okay and your really good at what you do.know some are critical of you but we really love you.dont litsen to your haters just keep being Wendy.

  7. Mondo1Bongo says:

    I’m glad she’s OK! but.. as for the 50 cents thing they have going… do you Fans! of hers think, was she can rip people Up everyday and when someone comes back for her they’re…. Wrong!? Please!!! I don’t think so

  8. Catherine Njagi says:

    From Nairobi Kenya – i love your show, i never miss an episode. I am happy that you are okay. I wish you well.

  9. Tra La says:

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I felt the same thing as you a couple of years back when I was 53. I was actually walking around with a friend at a convention center at a show and that heat and dizziness came out of nowhere Luckily, I
    was able to make it to a chair that was at a food area and sat down and put my head down with probably 1 second to spare
    before I would have fainted like you did. I had about 3 other episodes within a couple of years like that. You have to sit and put your head down as soon as you can when you begin to feel it. So glad you weren’t hurt!

  10. Bradan Domhnull says:

    Love you love you love you Wendy! You are the one and only TV persona that gives me life daily. I watch only you on tv. Legend. Please, go and have a full check and make your life priority ! xoxo

  11. Riff Raff says:

    “Guess I was trending all day”

    *Audience applauses

    Wow. That deserves an applause? Is that some kind of achievement? Welcome to 2017 folks.

  12. Charlette/Mack McCoy says:

    Agree with You on Mark Anthony, not the best looking BUT sexy as all get up!

  13. Q90X says:

    You’re a strong person Wendy

  14. Filomena Palesoo says:

    Oh Wendy i love you.

  15. misha mccrimon says:

    Glad to hear your ok, stay Hydrated and stop drinking all that damn tea and place only water on stage!

  16. DEN says:

    i knew it was no stunt at all,i could see you lost ,your wording went too,and I started to see something coming on i was scared for you,maybe its being worked too hard or ,maybe it was lights falshing all i know is i am so glad you’re ok now,

  17. Edith Phillips says:

    well I’m glad that you are okay! I can tell you you’re right because I’m 38 years old and I used to fake like everyday so I know about it I never hurt myself either and I’m always hitting my head and all kind of things!.

  18. BHMacy says:

    I was so worried. I’m happy to see your doing well.

  19. belraine says:

    you can fool men but you cannot fool ALUAH YAHUAH!!! See as long as u think u can fix it for people to believe… then u feel successful in your doings BUT YAHUSHA IS ON HIS WAY BACK TO PUNISH KILL AND DESTROY THE EARTH!!! And The ABIS IS REAL We are going to watch u BURN in the LAKE OF FIRE!!! BRIMSTONES AND FIRE!!! For THE REST OF ETERNITY!!! you Have SINNED AGAINST THE MOST HIGH AND CORRUPT HIS CREATION you have Also Led people astray and their souls are now lost And The price u WILL PAY IS DEATH!!! MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN

  20. thrawft says:

    That’s exactly what a clone would say #MKultra

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