Wendy Williams Breaks Silence About Her Divorce From Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams Breaks Silence About Her Divorce From Kevin Hunter

During Hot Topics, Wendy Williams addressed her leaving the sober house she’s been living in and finally divorcing Kevin Hunter.

WATCH PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7hRvXO5ZWs

Jay-Z doing B-Sides concert for opening of Webster Hall (00:10)
Lena Waithe cast in Westworld, comedy for BET (00:59)
Wendy Williams comments on divorce (02:11)

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Wendy Williams Breaks Silence About Her Divorce From Kevin Hunter (Part 1)

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31 Responses

  1. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM says:

    THE TEA IS HOT THIS MORNING ► https://ihr.fm/2Gqbr0k

    • jaren williams says:

      Tasha k had this wine and ctg wine at the same d**n time!??????

    • ODANNEK says:

      Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM I’m not sure if Uncle Charla knows it or not, but WE are willing to pay GOOD MONEY to have that sit down interview with Wendy Williams. Deadass, the only way the interview could be better, is if they conduct it Kanye’s house with a white backdrop. Have Charla & Wendy walking through Kanye’s forest. Shit would be ?

    • liliann fabre's says:

      +Medley keisha ??️????

    • Incognito MuziQ says:

      Don’t snitch ? write a book G

  2. Prince Quince says:

    i went to the first B-Side concert & i saw Charlamagne outside when we were leaving lol

  3. Council Grove, Kansas Hays House, Cottage House, KS says:

    I would love to see Wendy do it with Marianne Williamson. Love you CTG. Love Gail also, but Marianne knows all about this kind of thing…
    Michael Söetaert

  4. Thee KinG says:

    Twenties is already an existing show on Netflix. They just ain’t black, only difference.

  5. CASSAN4DRA Bean says:

    It was already talked about on AGC about her filing and sitting down with Oprah now that is blind gossip site.

  6. Blackanese Queen says:

    They say good things dont last but I sure hope breakfast club stays the same!

  7. Mari says:

    I know what you did last Summer Kelvin

  8. Brandon Bright says:

    Them damn dolls keep throwing me off ?

  9. Odesta Singh says:

    Always hearing about this breakfast club you guys great! new sub?

  10. lynne jordan says:

    Keep in mind she probably has to watch what she says because this divorce has a lot of levels and entanglements to sort out.

  11. Angela Green says:

    Charlemagne whats up with the dolls behind you are you telling us something???

  12. Lez Truck says:


  13. e s says:

    DEAD @the dolls inthe back,yo??????

  14. Makeda Williams says:

    Lmao YEE!!! Why you CALL CTG Peggy Bundy????
    Yall got to watch the second part..to understand the shade she threw????

  15. Neisha Starr says:

    Great points Envy! Angela is trying to get that Wendy exclusive!

  16. Shanice Sweetsmile says:

    I agree with Charlemagne she need to be interviewed by Gayle King. Envy is so dumb she needs an interview not a discussion on her show

    • DarkLight6Tv says:

      Yea. Gayle and her lover Oprah love tearing down black men. Itll be perfect. ?

    • Shanice Sweetsmile says:

      DarkLight6Tv They don’t need to tear Kevin down he did it to himself same way Robert had a whole meltdown and proved how nuts he is

    • DarkLight6Tv says:

      +Shanice Sweetsmile that part. I’m just pointing out the fact that they jump on any opportunity to do so. Oprah is still cancelled in my book. I think CTG should do the interview. That way they can reconcile their differences that Kevin aka KELVIN caused. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  17. tony boyd says:

    Lmao he said I been waiting for this day ???

  18. Tia Wessells says:

    Bet is not black owned anymore I don’t care what network they go to as long as we have black shows on TV plus some networks pay more than others some channels dont even promote their shows

    • Joel Kotto says:

      That’s the reason why I struggle with supporting BET-related stuff. I mean, it’s good to see our people represented but it’s better when we’re the ones to cash in thanks to that and we’re not!

  19. Tatea says:

    I agree with CTG, Having Gail interview her would be classy

  20. The Virgin & The Whore says:

    I am here hoping Wendy and Char sit down and talk everything out live on air. Ooooo the juice!!

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