Wendy Williams opens up about her return to TV

Wendy Williams opens up about her return to TV

After fainting on air and taking three weeks off for health reasons, Williams says she is encouraging fans to take care of their health, saying as women, “We take care of everybody but ourselves.”

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92 Responses

  1. Alexander Espinal says:

    She’s finally herself again! She killed it today

  2. Nelly Rimuri says:

    She looks soooo goood! Welcome back Wendy!

  3. Joy Marian Alvaro says:

    3 weeks went by quickly… I’m glad Wendy’s back! Jerry, you will be missed!🙂

  4. Susi Siebert says:

    She’s denying the fact that the stress of her husbands affair isn’t affecting her health?……be truthful Wendy

    • R Rvgw says:

      If it is. Its nobodys bussniss. People have private lifes to.

    • Music Lover says:

      fergilcious I have hyperthyroidism and vitamin d deficiency on top of other autoimmune diseases and people have no idea about it. Synthroid causes you to lose weight. Your eyes bulge. You have syncope episodes. Your thyroid essentially effects everything. People would much rather gossip and assume that its her marriage than research how serious this disease is. When I first started taking Synthroid in ’07, I was vomiting and sick every single day for months until my body got use to it. That little pill is powerful. Ugh.

    • Mark Jones says:

      U can’t say that’s the case because u don’t kno for sure

    • Susan Brown says:

      Music Lover Synthroid does not cause yiu to lose weight. I think you are referring to the reaction you were getting from the pill. I had to take mine before I went to bed, because I felt nauseas. I”ve been on synthroid for 3 years now.

    • Clinette Halsell says:

      I think they may have and open marriage but don’t want anyone to know. The husband just got sloppy and was caught in public doing his dirt now it is all out there making Wendy look like a fool cause she want everyone too think she the queen of her castle when she really is not.

  5. roter13 says:

    She need that break! on a side note, give Jerry O’Connell a talk show. He’s awesome

    • Nieka Graham says:

      roter13 she’s very afraid of Jerry and Angie Martinez Jerry did an amazing job and he should definitely have a show I prefer him over her

    • Sacleaners says:

      Nieka Graham
      It took Wendy for you to be saying his name! WENDY! Because nobody other than Wendy believes he is good. If Wendy was not pushing her agenda for her production company Jerry’s name would not be in your mouth! Dumb bitch! Talk talk..stop and fucking think! Use your brain like Wendy..if you do, you too may be Wealthy one day! Welcome back Wendy, to your show😁😁😁😁

    • Clinette Halsell says:

      Replace that guy Harry that’s boring with Jerry ratings will do much better.

  6. Mikal Jösef Jaxsun says:

    Now on to your husband and his affair!!!

  7. Bailey says:

    She still looks very odd!

  8. retrospectivam says:

    Wendy can hardly move her face.

    • Mz. Brown says:

      retrospectivam doesn’t she look as though she had surgery.

    • Sacleaners says:

      Mz. Brown
      So she is a liar! She lied about bring ill just to have superficial surgery? Wow, just because she makes a living about celebrity gossip, does not mean she is evil and lying about being ill. I mean..wow, just wow😫

    • Mz. Brown says:

      I’m not saying she’s a liar. I just said she look like she had surgery. She could be possibly have those illness she saying she has.

    • Josephine Cannon says:

      Mz. Brown I was thinking the same thing. Definitely had some work done

  9. Joy A says:

    Wendy bringing out every health excuse she can think of graves, vit d deficiency, vertigo. She’s talking about all of this instead of the stress from her husband running around with another woman.

    • Elizabeth Timothy says:

      Joy A Please just stop with this husband issue, Wendy is a grown woman, if she feels like discussing her family situation , it is her choice. I guess all women that are ‘sick’ have unfaithful partner.

    • Josephine Cannon says:

      She looks like she had some surgery done

    • JaySees TheOne says:

      Joy A I can’t blame him.

    • Clinette Halsell says:

      She really acting like she is near having a nervous breakdown. She was crying and nervous all during her show today still trying to fake it but u can see right through her.

    • Clinette Halsell says:

      She is also going through menopause I herd it can make some woman go Nuts. Plus every thing else she dealing with. It just all could be too much for her too handle.

  10. Preciious Jewel says:

    Wendy is FAKING IT… something deep is going on with her…

  11. Vanesha says:

    Why is everyone wanting her to talk about her husband, would you if you were in her position?

    • jadenight0 says:

      You assume no one attacks tmz. Decent people do not like wendy or tmz.

    • All Things Yellow says:

      YES…here is why:
      -Ratings would sky rocket
      -It would be hard but therapeutic
      -It would embarrass Kevin and the mistress
      – And it would prove me the bigger and mature person by standing by if I can dish it, I can take it.
      -Lots of support from fans and viewers
      – And offer kevin a divorce OR remind him of the song that’s says “It’s cheaper to keep her”

    • Clinette Halsell says:

      She thanked her no good lieing cheating husband today on her show for standing by her and holding it down while she was home and away.

    • Jaime Diaz says:

      Talk about everyone else

    • RoyallyCoilly says:

      darnell robeson p]]

  12. MrsBalanceSheet says:

    Poor Wendy. I’m not buying it. That husband of hers is dragging her to the grave.

    • Josephine Cannon says:

      I agree and she looks like she had some surgery done

    • Rose Zee says:

      MrsBalanceSheet Probably poisoning her

    • Camila Sweetlipz says:

      MrsBalanceSheet 😷 how pretentious of you to think you know her private life, you is a low key hater.

    • Aisha D. says:

      But, that’s the thing with MOST autoimmune diseases STRESS makes everything go completely out of wack. Thats why she needed a break. The truth is that 3 weeks isn’t sufficient if you haven’t dealt with the stressor(s). When you have GRAVES you are filled with ANXIETY and in constant flight or fight mode and ANY kind of stress will worsen it…think cancer. Got to get the stress down by any means necessary…that is what I learned.

    • Clinette Halsell says:

      Nieka Graham I thought that too she might be doing drugs again. Some kind of substance.

  13. Wema Rama says:

    Divorce the husband and you’ll be even more healthy

  14. MsKsmith1234 says:

    so glad she’s back

    • dip.C says:

      yeah cant wait for her to say how if your boyfriend initially says he wants kids but then later decides that he doesn’t want them for a bit longer, its 100% okay for women to trick the men into impregnating them.

  15. Sori Yazz says:

    I can honestly say I’m happy she’s taking care of herself but I’m not buying it. Wendy came back & threw shade @ Jerry. He couldn’t do her job. Wendy he’s a different kind of person. He can carry his own show We enjoyed Jerry’s crazy funny kind personality. Not 1 talk show host is the same. That’s the beauty of entertainment. She said he’s one of them. Rich. Wendy You re hardly broke. Why not say give him a show. You know why. Competition..

    • uno dimple seasons says:

      Sori Yazz i didnt think that was shade it being her show i can see how she would want to critic it.

    • Ampo Delgado says:

      Sori Yazz girl you are all over the place in your comment. As far as Wendy, the show is called Wendy Williams for a reason. It is Her show.

    • Clinette Halsell says:

      The least she could have said was thank you him for filling in for her. She never thanked him publicly. It is also about her all the time. She really needs too be more humble then she is. And Jerry is funny and should get his own show. They should cancel that boring guy I don’t even know his name but he was a judge on American Idol supposed to be a singer now he a talk show host on channels not even watched I think his name is Harry. He boring replace him with Jerry ratings will do much better.

    • Facina says:

      Maybe she should go back to tennis.

    • Alessandra Jackson says:

      Sori Yazz she should just stay off the air

  16. Latisha says:

    This thumbnail says it all! And she does not tell it how it is!

  17. VERY says:

    Something is still wrong… Her eyes in this video are so weird, they are wide open all the time. I think she needs a longer break

  18. Nostalgia Blast says:

    “Just say HOW YOU DOIN’, and i’ll say ALRIGHT” ❤️❤️❤️

    • IReist says:

      “if you see me on the street, don’t ask me how I’m doing.”

      “what should we say instead?”

      _”how you doin’?”_

  19. Nostalgia Blast says:

    That GMA lighting is EVERYTHING!!! 😆

  20. Noki's Kitchen says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Wendy looks like she got lip injections and a mini facelift during her leave?

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