Wendy Williams recounts fainting on live TV

Wendy Williams recounts fainting on live TV

Williams tell “GMA” she was “scared to death” when she fainted during her live Halloween show and provides new details on her recovery.

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  1. Iwona S says:

    She felt fire from the feet?well for sure she didn’t faint from health issue. Looks like she run away from sth or sb

  2. Marlo Lurry says:

    And to deflect from her husband situation

  3. KarinaAthenaRose says:

    I am glad she is better,must have been scary for her,very upsetting

  4. Kendra Lavonne Warford-Irving says:

    Abaddon is about to reveal himself..satan lifted his skirt and Wendy couldnt take the site…
    You already…shes possessed…

  5. Nuclear Future says:

    The Cults build around these Talkshow people or “Stars” in general are so fucked. I cant believe how many retarded human beeings there are that let themself beeing fooled so easily.

  6. Hluot Calotl Ater says:

    And i think “amphetamine discharge”.

  7. k bone says:

    Get off the cocaine and eat a sandwich skank. You have no ass , what happen. Haahahha

  8. thewizboy says:

    Wendy is one horrendously ugly so-called woman. her face is fucking hideous

  9. Yes Man says:

    Her face when she fell…that shit was fucking freaky.

  10. Weekly Manner says:

    Here is another normal comment.

  11. Antonio Davis says:

    She milking this shit for everything trying to get alot more fans and views

  12. Soccerfan133 says:


  13. Shahbaz Khan says:

    Lady liberty falling down …… a sign that America is going down ☹

  14. tom collins says:

    Wendell took too many hormones before going live be careful kids stay away from those tranny hormones this is what they do to you

  15. Ashley Aydlett says:

    she said her husband helped her back on stage but why the fuck would your husband n employees boss who ever was there would be fine with a person going back up there your health comes first she set a bad example to public knowing damn well we know something is up with the industry

  16. Big Boy says:

    Lmao she’s trending again 3 days in a row now

  17. Repentance Obedience and Love says:


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  18. Luscious McNasty says:

    I found the woman interviewing Wendy to be sorta snarky and a little shady. Wendy we love you!

  19. Donna Clark says:


  20. Naaeeh!!! says:

    She saw a demon with a 20 inch dick 🍆

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