Wendy’s set on fire where fatal police shooting took place

Wendy’s set on fire where fatal police shooting took place

A white Atlanta police officer fatally shot an African American father of several young children, Rayshard Brooks, late Friday night following a struggle outside a Wendy’s restaurant on the city’s southside, sparking calls for reform and demonstrations that led to vandalism and arrests. The shooting further inflamed tensions over police use of force and racial injustice that have rocked Atlanta and cities across the nation since the Memorial Day death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis. By nightfall, the Wendy’s was in flames and demonstrators had shut down Atlanta’s busy Downtown Connector. (Video by Ryon Horne, Written by J. Scott Trubey Vanessa McCray Arielle Kass)

Link the full story: https://www.ajc.com/news/local-govt–politics/atlanta-police-shooting-death-rayshard-brooks-roils-city/7ju3cAcaLfolTbocqLfArN/

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84 Responses

  1. Karen Krusher says:

    Lol what did Wendy’s have to do with it? Y’all so misguided.

    • BLACK BULL says:

      more mad about cooperation burning then a life that was taken is why we have riots right now

    • CA Deplorable Grayman says:

      Evil people are guided by evil. Been like that throughout history.

    • ash evildead says:

      @CodyZooom you need school badly

    • J. Kol34 says:

      CodyZooom what do you think this will do for trump? Any liberal I know (myself included) will be voting trump this year. If you can’t see what the liberal Media is trying to do then you are blind my friend… can’t stand republicans, but I can’t stand democrats anymore either.

      Burning down buildings because you don’t like who they donate to politically is tyranny. The left is becoming exactly what they claim to be fighting.

  2. hans haslang says:

    why did they burn down the Wendy’s? these people are insane

  3. jerzey deville says:

    mobs are picking on an easy target. what’s different between this and police brutality?

  4. Mike Ramirez says:

    The year just keeps on giving doesn’t it

    • Xiled One says:

      You poor victim, you…….

    • southlondon86 says:

      Great start to a new decade.

    • Dead by Daylight Gamer says:

      Mike Ramirez yessir

    • Flake Queues says:

      The riot organizers need to stop telling their grunts that they want them to go get them a ”Patty Melt”. They don’t get it. They thought they wanted the place to melt. Now thats what I call brains. I mean lack there of.

    • SeaJay Oceans says:

      Look on the bright side, in 2026 you will look back fondly at the good old days of 2020, when most people still had the internet, indoor plumbing that worked, heat, food, electricity & homes…

  5. Charlesbjtown says:

    They are STILL calling the rioters “protesters” 😂

  6. Vigilence says:

    They are definitely out of their mind. And this is why their movement never leads to any improvement.

    • Tyrone Williams says:

      @Scarredhero 2724 A long time ago i kicked out a cops window and he pulled out his taser and aimed it at me from a distance like a real cop should do.

    • Mylc03 says:

      @Tyrone Williams actually, cops are trained to yell taser when a taser is about to be deployed. The cops did what they were trained to do. I don’t know what cops you know but any cop in this situation knows that the officers were justified in their Force.

      The deadly force Justified here wasn’t just the fact that the dude had the taser, it was the totality of the circumstances being that the dude fought with the police and then stole the taser from the officer, ran and then decided to discharge the taser at the officer. No matter how you slice it, this guy was responsible for his own death. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

    • Mylc03 says:

      @Tyrone Williams kicking out the window of a police officer’s car isn’t the same as committing multiple felonies against the officer especially while discharging a weapon you stole from the officer.

    • Tyrone Williams says:

      @Mylc03 No it’s not, but you don’t pull a taser out so close to a suspect, and if you do, don’t tell the suspect that you are about to taser them.

    • CA Deplorable Grayman says:

      No no… they are WITHIN their mind. That’s the problem. They have been taught victimhood and enabled by the Left to react like this. All part of being kept on the plantation of ignorance by design. And I’m part black, lived through decades of taught victimhood.

  7. Jim M says:

    when are these “protesters” gonna be made to answer for their crimes. business’ should start hiring armed private security and protecting themselves

    • wrongway1100 says:

      Jim M. No business is going to pay for that in those cities. Think about it. If a cop shooting someone. (possibly legitimately) is enough to start this, what makes you think an armed security guard doing the same wont?

      Its too risky to build a business in those places. So they will just pull out. In Baltimore thats what they did. Target and many other grocers decided not to reopen until further notice. Take a wild guess where these people are going to go next? To the next city. Where it will happen again.

    • Humanity Killed The Cat says:

      Durag Jesus Theres countless videos of protestors trying to stop rioters. Rioters take advantage of the movement to destroy things and hurt people because they like violence, protestors are usually very peaceful and use their voice to get their point across

    • Jeff Wilkins says:

      Won’t work. Local authorities will just arrest them for daring to defend their lives and property. There’s only one way to end it… purge all leftists from the Republic. Every one from the top down.

    • leepinlepin wingadingdong says:

      @CameronKillion I’m going to make several points..

      1. how exactly are you going to get equality when people will not even follow guidelines on wearing masks in public during a pandemic?

      2. Remember the U.S. has a resistant mentality because we was taught that resistance got us away from Britain and why the North fought the South because they rose up against the U.S.

      3. People will call what they see as terrorism because many….many watched 9/11 live and those images will be burned into minds for a century and will be taught in history for centuries to come…

      4. Past U.S. history programs (at least for boomers, gen X, millenials) was put into books that had to be approved by not only the national Board of education, but local board of educations as well, not to mention parent teacher action networks like the PTA could easily object a history lesson that didn’t agree with local politics or even religious views of the community thus a lot and I mean a lot of history was lost to many of people which was by design.

      For example in a highly Christian region (aka the whole Nation) the crusades will get a week of teaching but the Russian revolution will get a brief 1 minute footnote.

      Basically information control thus leading to control on public opinion don’t believe me? Look at social media

      Facebook has its own control
      YouTube has its own control
      Reddit has its own control
      Tik Toc has its own control

      Lastly I want to give you a thought to chew on..

      The more things change
      The more they stay the same

    • SeaJay Oceans says:

      Constitutional Open Carry, every US citizen not owning a form of self defense should be immediately issued an AR-15 and 9mm side arm, just as the constitution demands : ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” ALL adult Americans are citizen-soldiers, the whole voting age population of USA IS The Militia.
      Once all citizens have completed Basic Training in the military, the whole population is issued their weapons and related supplies to take home with them, and become the defenders of America, protectors of Freedom, guardians of Liberty.

      A nation of reservists, all patriots united against criminals, drug cartels, and against the foreign powers efforts to destroy USA.

      God Bless America, enlist TODAY.

  8. Josiah A says:

    Burning down a Wendy’s for someone who pointed a taser at a cop, smart move.

    • Durag Jesus says:

      @WolfeReign Owns I think the officers use of deadly force was unnecessary, however I understand it and it was justifiable in it’s own right. I think though that officers should be held to a higher moral standard than this, they uphold the law, and I think they should be far more resistant towards using deadly force, but then again, we’re only human.

    • Bagrilla Jenkins says:

      Deployed taser, not just pointed

    • Matthew B. says:

      @Durag Jesus Dude could of had a gun himself. You are a just a criminal apologist.

    • gene sassy says:

      @Philinease Smith he deserved it. 💅🏽

    • AndrewQuill Verow says:

      Philinease Smith if you’re a police officer and someone steals your taser and points it at you, you shoot them.

  9. Simo Häyhä says:

    This is as stupid as the episode of Family Guy where Adam West stabs the ocean because sailors drowned.

    • Gidget Trea says:

      What is happening too , is people that have had family murdered brutally for no other reason then to rob the victim , victim fight for his life till last breath , victim (my brother )was stabbed 13xs BECAUSE 2 BLACK men wanted to steal brothers van, for a chop.shop….. My brother just gotten back from Vietnam.Only 1was caught (his fingerprint was on the cardboard they used to cover him when they dumped him in the swamp. Brings all that up. I’m am sure it happens to others. There is hurt, pain , and ALOT WRONG ON BOTH SIDES!!!!!But this mess is doing nothing. They need to be arrested and prosecuted. They can’t break the law , I can’t break the law…, 2 wrongs never equal a right!!!!!

    • Kyle Kautz says:

      @Gidget Trea preach brother. Also I offer you my condolences even though they won’t be of any use

  10. James Ripley says:

    Oh, OK, so let’s all hire more of ‘these’ people – that are showing their honor, trust & love for community – so we can satisfy them!? … as if!!!

  11. Kevin Weaver says:

    Those aren’t protestors. They’re rioters, call them what they are

    • Durag Jesus says:

      I don’t agree with that, it suggests that a protestor cannot simultaneously be a rioter, and that’s simply not true. Peaceful protestors aren’t the only form of protestors.

    • rehdfhdhj says:

      Ok, I’ll stop calling them protesters when y’all stop pretending that the police are here to “Protect and serve”

    • sue eason says:

      ….Any excuse will suffice for them to act up …they need the Lord , Jesus Christ .

    • SeaJay Oceans says:

      They are pizzed off and pizzed on American citizens.
      They are mad as hell and won’t take it any more.
      But the banker that own their city, they are in Wall Street, not in Wendy’s.

    • BLACK BULL says:

      so what was the boston tea party?

  12. Vash Stampede says:

    Plot twist –
    They were secretly hired by Burger King.

  13. L Franco says:

    “demonstrations that led to vandalism and arrests”?
    You mean riots?

    • Input channel name says:

      They’ve stopped differentiating between riot and protest apparently

    • Lone Skankster says:

      @Input channel name its because they made both illegal. If your peaceful, they run you out.

      If your rioting, they get scared and start hiding.

      Rioting works. Its been working. Theyre afriad. And thats good. Fuck the police.

    • Renaissance Novice says:

      Well, riots and arson

    • PlagueDoctor says:

      Riots that simply spread. I live not too far from there and there were no “protests”, just people obstructing traffic and burning shit.

    • Jhet Grabis says:

      A single burnt building does not a riot make.

  14. Providence says:

    Did someone really say there lives is more important than the restaurant but they obviously didn’t care about the people who was in the restaurant

    • Jarik McCann says:

      Lmao they’re Wendys employees bro. They all probably just dipped and went home stfu 😂😂

    • Single Mom RV Life says:


    • Glowingeyes99 says:

      @Jarik McCann
      So what if they are Wendy’s employees? Would it be any different if it was a family restaurant? Would it be different if someone worked their whole life to earn that restaurant and some thugs come down and burn it down? When does it stop? Would it be different once they start coming down to people’s houses? They are not entitled to that restaurant, same way you get prosecuted for stealing from the store.

  15. awebmate says:

    Finally a comment section with people that makes sense.. where have you been the past few weeks?

  16. tom mcmillan says:

    He was intoxicated doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing, wasn’t compliant with police had an altercation the guy got a taser which can incapacitate a person, and then was shot an killed, dont feel bad at all

  17. Andre Vlog's says:

    This whole year is is insane man.

  18. Ozpley Osbourne says:

    The stupidity levels that we’re seeing are incredible.

    • MrSting17 says:

      *The cognitive thought process he just uttered is atrocious ! I’ll guesstimate that he has an IQ of 60 (on a good day). AND the Dems are kneeling for this ?*

      *It’s like the ‘lunatics’ running the ‘asylum’ !*

    • Villainous Nice guy says:

      @Input channel name true. I wouldn’t have survived growing up where I did if I was racist, but now… Let’s just say I’ve found a new appreciation for the music of Johnny Rebel, and it is because of these idiot terrorists.

    • Jhet Grabis says:

      @awebmate Right. Because the movement all hinged on whether or not they burned down that Wendy’s.

    • Jhet Grabis says:

      @gogetta80 1. Pretty racist to assume they were acting in concert with BLM, and not just as emotional individuals. Even so, that just strengthens the argument of lumping bad cops in with good cops and throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
      2. Civilized people do all sorts of fucked up shit to each other, in fact that’s precisely what the protests are about, duh. And this certainly is not the world’s first case of arson (which, btw, is not a phenomenon that only occurs amongst indegenous peoples, or savages, as you probably prefer to call them).

    • Jhet Grabis says:

      @MrSting17 Why ruin an earnest attempt at looking smart– using terms like “cognitive thought process” and “atrocious”– by unironically using the colloquial portmanteau, “guesstimate”, as if neither of its component words “guess” and “estimate” sufficiently describes the act of you pulling a number out of your ass? And are the ‘lunatics’ and ‘asylum’ illegitimate or imposters of some sort? Why are they in quotes?

  19. RM K says:

    “We can’t bring our people back man, we’re sick of this ” So you burn down businesses that belong to innocent people who have have nothing to do with it? Well a lot of people are sick of that BS too.

    • Laughing Wizzy says:

      Yeah man I’m with you and that shit about “Black Lives Matter” Yeah it does to a certain point but this black people are crossing the line.

    • sue eason says:

      …Absolutely . …to the bone sick of it .

    • Tre hype says:

      Laughing Wizzy watch your mouth everybody that riots isn’t black, your so quick to call black people out

    • MrSting17 says:

      *Because HE was drinking and driving. Because HE fell asleep in the Wendy’s drive-thru (blocking all the law abiding people who are trying to buy food).*
      Because HE is impacting our business and/or he may need some medical assistance, we called 911.
      Because HE seemed to be under the influence and couldn’t pass a sobriety test is being placed under arrest.
      Because HE decided to fight with 2 cops (throwing them around like a rag doll)
      Because HE grabbed the cops Taser and was running away.
      Because HE turned around and fired the Taser at the cop (the light went on signaling activation), the cop had to use deadly force.

      *BLM, NAACP and SPLC = **_find that the Chief of Police, the officers and the Wendy’s were at fault._*

    • ash evildead says:

      Hes a fool

  20. Warriors Rule says:

    0:27 Sounded like they were still cooking french fries inside.

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