We’re Back and Everything is Scary Now | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

We’re Back and Everything is Scary Now | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS

If shooting yourself in the foot qualifies you to be president, then we have the most qualified candidates in years.

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20 Responses

  1. Georgia Pascoe says:

    i can already hear the third party voters crying

  2. Breanna Boyer says:

    I see Trump has started working on his back-up plans in case he loses, this
    week: ASMR Youtuber

  3. CardSearcher911 says:

    Hillary and her team has been insulting her opponent’s voters for months by
    now. Which is strange because right after those insults they immediately go
    back to begging you to vote for them.

  4. Hermit the Hustler says:

    You’re looking fuckable again Sam!

  5. C Bell says:

    Criticizing Clinton for making a – for lack of a better word – deplorable
    comment about the American voters just after having made several about
    third party candidates and their supporters is what was truly “deplorable”
    about this segment.

  6. Ndesire says:

    Sam, I love your humor and I love the political angle, you’ve got a hot
    show. But your dismissal of Bernie Sanders as a candidate, then dismissal
    of complaints about undermining the democratic process by DNC (even after
    it has been proven to be true in national and local levels), and now
    casually dismissing third party candidates when the majority of the country
    doesn’t subscribe to either side is shameful. You joke about Jill Stein’s
    “petty crimes” but completely gloss over the fact that Jill Stein is on the
    ground protesting the Dakota Pipeline while a greedy corporation destroys
    burial grounds of native Americans and uses attack dogs to maim innocent

    You constantly criticize media and mainstream journalism but at the same
    time you’re using the exact same tactics they are. Granted this is your
    show so you can do whatever you want but I always thought John Stewart gave
    people a fair shake and I hoped you’d do the same…I’m disappointed.

  7. Dank Sinatra says:

    It’s funny when progressives or people who claim to have progressive values
    bash Jill Stein

  8. Dom H says:

    Johnson pulls more votes from Trump than Hillary. Just sayin.

  9. fatupha says:

    Insulting everyone who’s voting for Johnson or Stein. Then calling Clinton
    dumb for insulting people she wants to vote for her…

  10. Deebo Molina says:

    Trump calls Immigrants and Muslims and nobody bats an eye but when Clinton
    says Half of Trump Supporters are bad everybody loses their mind

  11. TheGeniuschrist says:

    i don’t know if sam got a new writing team, or if she’s just taking the
    gloves off, but this is gold.

  12. Eric Dean says:

    I consider myself a Libertarian, but this is not the year for third party
    voting. The two party system has been broken for years now, but when you’ve
    got a potential Trump, you’ve GOT to go with the other of the two.

  13. jo23bulls says:

    Clinton said nothing wrong

  14. H ourglass says:

    She forgot to add the video of Hillary being dragged by a dozen people into
    her scooby van from a seizure. Maybe that’s next time.

  15. Tami Lou says:

    So Trump is praised for not being politically correct when he spews garbage
    about Obama’s birthplace and religion and said that he wants to ban an
    entire religious sect from entering the US or speak about Mexicans as
    killers and rapists but Clinton said half his supporters are a” basket of
    deplorables” (which is true by the way) and the world is coming to an end!

  16. David Vasquez says:

    This is pathetic.
    Where I come from, ALL candidates from ALL parties, no matter their size,
    get equal opportunity tv spots and debates.

    Sure, you laugh at them and they stand every bit a chance as you’d expect,

  17. Bat Dimen says:

    Hillary was wrong. She should have said 60% of Trump supporters are

  18. Shiftshapercat says:

    Thank you for not being a complete Hillary shill by making fun of ALL the
    candidates even Dr. “What’s her name” Jill Stein.

  19. Deleted Mail says:

    All Republicans voting for the racist birther are worse than deplorables.

  20. Ninja KittyKatcat says: