We’re Being Sued

We’re Being Sued

Matt Hosseinzadeh aka Bold Guy is suing us for copyright infringement.

Special thanks to psychicpebbles for the illustration!

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19 Responses

  1. minecrafterselite1 says:

    honestly h3h3 is a bitch i hope he gets shrekt.
    i know there will be a shit ton of fanbitches cocksucking him and
    bombarding me but oh well.

  2. Soviet “mr” Canuck says:

    Your Eyebrows Really Going Crazy!

  3. Duxitisation B says:

    Phillip de Franco brought me here. Don’t forget you guys have allot of
    friends in the community.

  4. Chipwhitley274 says:

    What shocks me the most is that it wasn’t the Fine Bros suing you.

  5. Margarita Perez says:

    I hope bold guy wins

  6. Sam Saddler says:

    No hate but how can they not afford 100,000 thousand?

  7. Master Universe70 says:

    Karma is a bitch now is it
    This is why you get
    But still…

  8. Wade Wilson says:

    Does his girlfriend have downsyndrome

  9. darkespeon64 says:

    get sued bitch

  10. Braydon D says:

    Just curious, does Ethan have tourrettes?

  11. CGO Sans says:

    I haven’t even watched you guys at all and I just donated 20 bucks because
    this kind of stuff is bullshit. Its the internet. Grow the fuck up and get
    some thick skin.

  12. lesryglrhfohser says:

    are you guys clueless?? of course they don’t give a shit that you used
    their content for your video, they found a loophole in the law and you gave
    them an opportunity to use it!!! they smart

  13. PC_JLee says:

    As someone who frequents courts fairly often as a part of my occupation,
    the chances that this actually goes anywhere or costs up to 100k, is about
    1%. The chance that this takes 2 years is also 1%. What are you gonna do
    adjourn your court date for 6 months at a time? Also the chance that you
    lose with legal precedent already established is also about 1%. Considering
    that if he wins this case YouTube will pretty much go down the drain. My
    other issue is, your both making ridiculous amounts of money for sitting
    down and making videos, and now people are trying to pay your court fees..
    Like what lol. I don’t think anyone should feel bad for you both seeing how
    well off you both are. It’s not like you can’t make videos anymore, and
    it’s not like your making a lump sum payment of 100k anytime soon, if ever
    lol. Pity party needs to come to an end here. Also if this is actually
    going to court, you shouldn’t be making a video about it, or even speaking
    about it publicly. That’s common sense.

  14. Ultrachessmaster says:

    This is such bullshit. The fact that something so clearly protected by fair
    use is gonna take them two years of being in court and $100,000 dollars is
    just utter bullshit. The copyright system is broken, and so is the court

  15. Ryan Wilson says:

    If you upload any content and do not have the permission of the original
    creator/owner, even if you do this accidentally, you are freebooting
    (committing copyright infringement)

  16. Brando Boyer says:

    H3h3 fans stop going to bold guys channel and writing hate and threating
    him it’s just giving him views and if worse comes to worse he can use his
    life being threated in his court case.

  17. gus the youtuber says:

    good I hate you

  18. youhatelosing says:

    you guys are delusional clean cut win lol don’t harass other youtubers and
    don’t use there content youtube has a policy and you broke that policy you
    are clearly at fault put on your big boy pants and take it like a man and
    stop acting like your the victim here smh

  19. BLVDKillz says:

    Copyright is copyright….