We’re Building Our DREAM BURNOUT CAR! (and sending it to Australia)

We’re Building Our DREAM BURNOUT CAR! (and sending it to Australia)

Cleetus Merch – https://cleetusmcfarland.com/
DANGGGGG BROTHERRRRR! Cleetus and Crew are heading to Summernats 2020 to compete and represent the Americans!

NEXT Cleetus and Cars dates:
Aug 24th Houston
Nov 23th Bradenton

Here’s the new Cleetus2 Channel – https://goo.gl/Ph2wyo

Here’s our Full Schedule for 2019!

Holley’s new channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeQfJXzg0gnfuM4tgmagCCw

-Leroy’s Injectors! – http://fuelinjectorclinic.com
-Leroy’s BILLET Intake! – https://frankensteined.net (10% off one if you use coupon code “GODBLESSAMERICA”)
-Leroy’s Clutch (LT1-RR Triple Disc) – monsterclutches.com
-Leroy’s ECU (Holley Dominator) – https://goo.gl/JjvakM
-Precision Turbo (turbos, BOV, waste gates) – http://www.precisionturbo.net
-Jeremy’s Shop, Fasterproms (tuning) – (813) 476-7364
-Texas Speed & Performance – (512) 863-0900
-Motion Raceworks – https://www.motionraceworks.com
-ProFab Performance Plus – (727) 849-9300
-RPM Transmissions – www.rpmtransmissions.com
-Billet T4 Flanges – www.streetcarrfabrication.com

**Social Media:
Instagram – https://goo.gl/LZvy5e
Facebook – https://goo.gl/gdwhh1

**SEND ME FAN MAIL… (bald eagles welcome)
Cleetus McFarland
12961 44th St N. Ste B
Clearwater, FL 33762
United States of America

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39 Responses

  1. 402CarKid says:

    Love this intro??? I’m dying those Mullets are sick!!!

  2. trevorhendy123 says:

    The best name you can call it, is…

    • Rabbit NZ says:

      Good call mate, when I 1st came to Australia, I was warned about them drop bears!! Scared the crapp out of me ??

  3. Lachlan Vanderwel says:

    Pls don’t go Hydraulic Roller with this setup. Keep it a solid! Have it sound tuff as nails. Most cars that attend Summernats are solid rollers. In my opinion with a hydraulic it won’t sound as tuff. Just my thought but ur choice?

  4. Alan Morris says:

    George “W”
    Global Warmer
    Independence Day
    Cracker Barrel

  5. Ryan Penner says:

    Camaro Dundee “That’s not a supercharger , THIS is a supercharger !”

  6. Nick Sifantos says:

    Your editor needs a pay rise. That edit at the start was like a movie.

  7. golfer9419 says:

    Methanol-tub it- lots of wheels and rubber please run methanol cause it will overheat if you run pump fuel and learn how to tip in hard ??

  8. Edward Willders says:

    Yall never fail to make this the channel i love to watch. Keep up the good work guys.

  9. SuchScale says:

    Call it Bazza (Barry). That’s the Aussie equivalent of Cleetus.

  10. Kurtis Klunder says:

    Name: Mullet Overdrive

    Occupation: Delivering freedom Down Under

  11. Zeroyon says:

    Great choice of car, big block is excellent too. You need methanol, 8-71 and cooling for 110F air temps with track temps as high as 150F.

  12. Mk Fox says:

    Kudos to your friend for helping the channel out with such a good deal

  13. 881Gino says:

    Unless your yank tank is a 1000+ horsepower methanol injected monster leave it in your shed mate. Just messing, good luck with the build and see you down under champ.

  14. Levi Hutchison says:

    4:35 “This might be the best purchase ive ever made in my life!”

    *Ruby and Leroy in the background make sad noises*

  15. 3 D zero says:

    Name er Betty, throw back to Ram Jam’s – Black Betty. Cant get no mor rowdy than that brother!

  16. GEMWRC says:

    Just make sure you do all the Special Aussie skid car mods .
    Eg: 20L water tank for the cooling system , no rear brake system at all .

  17. Raysboostin says:

    I think you should call her Katy. It’s an abbreviation of Kill All Tires Y’all.

  18. Minas Cholevas says:

    The editing quality in this video is what it’s called a step up

  19. nathan lawrence says:

    THAT INTRO THOU! my ears and eyes have been blessed by uncle sam thanks

  20. Jake says:

    Black Chevy in Cleetus shop….Intimidator is the only name you can use.

    Acid etch a 3 on one headlight.

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