Were Eagles exposed after 42-19 Week 13 loss vs. 49ers? | NFL | SPEAK

Were Eagles exposed after 42-19 Week 13 loss vs. 49ers? | NFL | SPEAK

The San Francisco 49ers dominated the Philadelphia Eagles on the road 42-19, thanks to Brock Purdy’s four-touchdown game, Deebo Samuel’s three-touchdown performance, and a strong defensive effort. Emmanuel Acho, Joy Taylor, LeSean McCoy, and James Jones react to the Niners huge Week 13 win, then debate whether the better team won and if Philly was exposed.

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Were Eagles exposed after 42-19 Week 13 loss vs. 49ers? | NFL | SPEAK


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44 Responses

  1. @SpeakOnFS1 says:

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    • @jinglejangle6414 says:

      Nah. Carton has the worst, most uninformed takes in all of sports

    • @kevinwalsh4652 says:

      I watched Patriots/Chargers game first, after watching Kyle call the game, Bill O’Brien is lucky if a high school hires him.

    • @ChaseStark-pc3vw says:

      Niners fan #1 right here brotha. Much love and respect for offering up your winnings that I loved seeing come from mr brotherly love himself haha. Still acting like it’s no big deal trust me everyone in that locker room after that beat down wasn’t as up beat about that one

    • @colebuckhart4545 says:


  2. @NyccMade says:

    SF has beaten 5 playoff teams by 18+ points this year so far.

  3. @bladeaddison3189 says:

    The fact it happened in Philly … says A LOT. James always tells it like it is man … love it.

    • @theejayzeeable says:

      James spits a lot of wisdom. Shady is just a homer.

    • @geehrndz9551 says:

      Shady is a mf homer 😂😂💀

    • @merlynshandley6337 says:

      Everyone on this pannel said Purdy has to win this game to prove he’s MVP/ELITE material!
      Today, these bunch of worthless JOKES are so two-faced that they can’t give credit where credit is F-ING due!

    • @lord-marroking1315 says:

      @@merlynshandley6337 the 2 plays where Deebo scored on passes. Neither pass went more than 7 yards and Deebo scored on both. Almost 70% of Purdys yards were yards after catch by the receivers. How can he be mvp if he’s the 5th best player in his own offense.

    • @johnnyirons222 says:

      Phillys biggest problem is their OC he’s very indecisive with their play calling and the 49ers exposed it

  4. @TheGrossMeta says:

    Win or lose… when your team steps on the field against the San Francisco 49ers, you are in for an all out war. They don’t just beat you, they break minds, bodies, and spirits. This is the best all around team to play the game in a very long time.

  5. @chrisking9424 says:

    Acho hit the nail on the head! The first two drives the Eagles had those plays were basic high school concepts. Our offensive play calling is absolutely pathetic!!

    • @uk2klsu4evr76 says:

      Yep. The only thing this game proved was how bad Philly’s OC and DC are. That’s it. Jalen played just fine. Took a couple of unnecessary sacks cuz he just didn’t wanna throw the ball away but he played fine. Philly’s OC is horrible and the DC has 2 all pro corners frm last yr and I don’t remember the last time either 1 of them had an INT

    • @cynthiag6243 says:

      No they weren’t. What do you know 🤨

    • @mauriceanderson1583 says:

      The beagles typically control the line of scrimmage and ball control. I believe that Philly don’t show their full playbook because the Niners are a team they will see in the playoffs. 6 carries for the 4th best rusher Swift and Jalen didn’t have that many rushes. This was a playoff game for the winers and trust when the REAL playoffs come it will be a different outshone.

    • @jaycruz2410 says:

      @@mauriceanderson1583😂😂😂 the Beagles? Yup, great logic! Lose by 23 at home to “save” the real gameplan for a game that might not happen. If you don’t see the holes in the Eagles then no one can help you homie. Eagles got smacked!!!

    • @Ctgstream says:

      I do remember when joy said the niners are not elite

  6. @eddiekjbrown says:

    James Jones always keeping it real. Get this man his own show and raise. 😂😂

  7. @michaelmorales3784 says:

    As an Eagles fan respect to the Niners. Used their players how they should, something I feel like we have had trouble with. Can’t wait to see you guys again the NFC championship🤝🏼🦅

  8. @vince7536 says:

    AS a cowboys fan I hate to say it but The Niners are just better than EVERYBODY hands down! Only thing that stops them from winning a SB is injuries

  9. @rapwasinventedinthesuburbs3884 says:

    To identify a team’s deficiency and exploiting the weaknesses showing a possible solution to be successful against a team = EXPOSED

  10. @jtorres1764 says:

    To say the eagles DIDNT get exposed is wild.

    • @whatnot8489 says:

      If no other team can take advantage of the weakness that was exposed, then was something exposed about the Eagles or did it expose that few teams can hang vs the #1 RB in the NFL, the #1 LT, a top 2 TE, and arguably a top 4 WR pair in Deebo/Aiyuk (behind Chase/Higgins, Tyreek/Waddle, AJ/Devonta). Even the Jimmy fanboys now realize how terrible he is. He turned a Raiders offense that was 12th in pts/yds with an avg NFL starter in Carr into a bottom 3 offense. Now that the 9ers have an actual NFL caliber starter under C, they’re going to cakewalk to a SB win. No more 3rd-4th string QBs like Hoyer, CJ, Mullens, or Trey (Jimmy is at least a solid backup QB).

    • @enmokunay says:

      ​@@whatnot8489it’s not like the Eagles were playing lights out prior to the 49ers game. We all knew they weren’t perfect and just needed a better team to expose their weaknesses for others to see. Whether other teams take advantage or not that don’t matter but Eagles did get exposed. Maybe this is good for eagles too cos now they can truly address those weaknesses ahead of an other big game.

    • @liltjayy2486 says:

      @@enmokunaywe goat exposed? We lost 1 game and we didn’t play good. We got the hardest schedule in football wit the best record stop it , yall jus be hating

    • @dominiquewilson says:

      They didn’t. Eagles consistently moved the ball and was stopping San Fran. Eagles been playing sloppy all year. Eagles were shutting them down and walked down the field and couldn’t get in the end zone. You can’t stop a team and walk away with 3. Match that with Debo having two game breaking plays and there you have it.

    • @enmokunay says:

      @@liltjayy2486 Actually you lost 2 games. And 49ers didn’t just beat you, they destroyed yall.

      Don’t talk to me about hardest schedule cos coming in the season you were 10th in strength of schedule and if you are as good as yall think you are then you should win but even if you were to loose one which is understandable but to get smacked like that on home field after yall talked like you are SB champions is hilarious.

      And now yall want to use schedule as an excuse lol. You weren’t blowing out teams..so it was clear that you weren’t your best all year, and only an elite team like 49ers had to expose that. You are still a great team, no one is hating. just take your L and focus on Dallas.

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