We’re FINALLY Gaming

We’re FINALLY Gaming

Shot, directed, and edited by: https://instagram.com/mrtaylorstephens & https://instagram.com/papasharks

Jack insta: https://instagram.com/jackblack

Discord: https://discord.gg/dtMX6dZ

intro by: https://www.instagram.com/monkeygods/?hl=en

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52 Responses

  1. Aymen says:

    Waiting for Jack to play games is like waiting for half life 3.

  2. Scott Reynolds Studios says:

    Jack black playing GUITAR HERO

    WHOS WITH ME!!!!

  3. Mc Muffin says:

    After this Jablinski gonna join the Esports tournament

  4. Mc Muffin says:

    Jack Black Never gets old.
    Plus the old video games

  5. storm says:

    that greenscreen though lol

  6. Rhyvix says:

    *ninja left the chat*

  7. FlyMLG98 says:

    I was about to unsub and go cry when i saw the thumbnail of him playing Fortnite.

    Thank god it was just a clickbait.

  8. Miles Bandy says:

    When clickbait is actually good

  9. Regular Original says:

    I have a feeling Jack doesn’t actually want to play newer games, which is completely fine with me. Do the old school stuff, it’s fun! Throw in a modern gaming video every now and then with your son or something if you don’t want to do it yourself.

  10. Joshua Almonte says:

    I hope this becomes a running joke of jack black postponing playing a new game then just end up play some retro games in the end

  11. Ben CF says:

    I think this channel will turn out like Pewdiepie. Never actually gaming ??

  12. DabbingSquidward says:

    There’s never going to be any actual gaming, is there Jack?

  13. fleshlight that cries says:

    Jack the people have spoken, play brutal legend

  14. ryadh456 says:

    I like to close my eyes and imagine that Kung Fu Panda has a Gaming YouTube channel.

  15. ryadh456 says:

    That retro gaming console thing is cool!

  16. Totto G says:

    It’s ok that the gaming isn’t up and running yet. The novelty of seeing Jack Black on his own YT channel still hasn’t worn off.

  17. Ironpiper says:

    I almost didn’t watch this because of the Fortnite thumbnail. Glad I bit the bullet. Only you Jables, could make me risk FN exposure! XD

  18. 2Dtardeds says:

    1:07 He literally chroma 90% off the screen to put a fortnite clip and so that he appears naturally cropped? LOL

  19. Sophia I МАŠTURBÃTЕ WА!TСН VIDЕ0! says:

    You should play brutal legend

  20. Prejudged Seeker says:

    That’s why it says WE’RE!!! He’s borrowing the Fortnite gameplay from someone else!!! ???

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