We’re Having A Baby!

We’re Having A Baby!

We’re Having A Baby!
AHHHHH! We’re so excited to share this new adventure with you 🙂
Head to instagram to see how we announced it there! @zoesugg @alfiedeyes

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56 Responses

  1. Imogenation says:

    If I could like this video a million times I would, congratulations to you both!! You’re going to be such amazing parents angels xxx

  2. Chloe Rose Art says:

    As someone who has watched you since 2012, this honestly made me so happy, even though you’re an internet stranger, it hit me more than I thought it would. Congratulations!

  3. Helsy Flores says:

    Literally crying tears of happiness!!! It felt so magical and surreal finding this out after watching you for so many years. It feels like a best friend is pregnant. Much love from Mexico ❤️🎀

  4. Casey White says:

    who else’s like 11 year old self has been waiting for this 👨‍👩‍👧🤰🤱I’m so utterly happy for u guys, CONGRATULATIONS ❤️🤗🥺🥰😍

  5. sabrina heathcliff says:

    i can’t believe i was a part of your fans wondering if you were together over 8 years ago ! you’ve both come so far and we’re all so excited for you ! 12 to 20 year old me have one thing in common and it’s love for zoe and alfie

  6. Mackenzie Porter says:

    Gives the nickname “little one” a whole new meaning 🥰

  7. Soloel says:

    My hand is over my mouth. As someone who has watched them for f knows how many years I am SHOOK. I know how much Zoe has wanted to be a mum. So happy for them

  8. Lucie Locket Singleton says:

    I feel like because we have all watched Zoe and Alfie for a lifetime and because Zoe raised us all it’s like we’re all getting a sibling😂🥺

  9. Graciemaciebell says:

    Me remembering it was Jim that accidentally leaked zoe and alfies relationship when ot started by showing the laptop and now they are both having children together 😭🥺❤

  10. GuiltFreeFood says:

    Everyone didn’t expect this because i think a lot of people were expecting marriage proposal but i am so happy and still so surprise and excited!! Zoe is one the first few youtubers that i’ve watched since she only had 10k subscribers doing primark hauls and have photography blog 😭💕 i am so excited for this new chapter 😭💕💕💕

    • Himi koi says:

      Ikr, but I guess some people like to have their kids in their wedding?

    • Laura Sara says:

      @Himi koi or some just don’t feel particular about weddings! i’d only like the party tbh but i don’t feel it’s necessary really

    • Keiona says:

      @Himi koi Alfie has always said this exact thing that he wanted to have his kids at his wedding so I really don’t think a wedding will be soon

    • Brenda Charles says:

      @Keiona however zoe always said she wanted to be married before having children so things change I guess

  11. Julia Marie says:

    I’ve been here since Zoe’s messy bun tutorial nearly 10 years ago when she had major fringe and all!! Many congratulations to you two! You will be stellar parents 😃

  12. Candice Fernandes says:

    “we’d be disgusting ”
    then a few years later announcing they are having a baby😂🥺

  13. Brianna Gray says:

    I was so sure my 3rd was a boy. I was literally 90% sure. She ended up being a girl, but I waited for them to tell me she actually a boy when she was born.

  14. lari says:

    *sobbing in 12 year old*

    I know this may mean nothing, but honestly I’m incredibly happy for you both. You’re going to be amazing parents and deserve all the happiness❤️

  15. Elizabeth O says:

    I’m a grown adult and seeing this announcement turned me back into the 14 year old who found out you two were dating from your computer background in Jim’s vlog

  16. Marielle Santos says:

    Their child is gonna have the best fashion sense and the best Christmas time. Congratulations to the both of you!! xo

  17. Rodeo says:

    Finding out Jim chapman was having a baby with his wife/girlfriend NOW U ZOE CONGRATS

  18. Gen X Mama says:

    Alfie is just a cleaned up Russell Brand.

  19. Nicole Jade says:

    i still feel like this is a fever dream cos these two literally RAISED me, but I’m so excited to watch them grow as a family. they’re gonna be such good parents

  20. Hazelle Leong says:

    i remembered zoe saying how her greatest fear is not being able to have children and i’m so glad that this fear is gone 🥰🥰

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