WE’RE PREGNANT | Unplanned Podcast Ep. 3

WE’RE PREGNANT | Unplanned Podcast Ep. 3

We’re pregnant only 4 months after having our first baby…

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30 Responses

  1. DELLA VLOGS says:

    So happy for you guys ❤

  2. MeggySue says:

    As someone who lost two pregnancies last year (12 weeks & 14 weeks), thank you for mentioning miscarriage and how lucky/grateful you are. Getting pregnant, staying pregnant and having a healthy baby are all freaking miracles.

    • Jordyn Dowdy says:

      @Lonnie DishaI know right! I had a miscarriage back in august.

    • Potato says:

      @Alisterblack Rhyker Agreed it’s very difficult

    • Alisterblack Rhyker says:

      I pray you find the happiness you seek however I am sure all the woman being raped and forced to give birth don’t agree with you! And it’s perfectly acceptable to say having children isn’t a miracle it’s painful and a HUGE learning process on top of financial stress! Getting pregnant isn’t a miracle unless the person who’s pregnant says it is! Being pregnant isn’t sunshine and rainbows! ICP, I have seen woman basically claw their flesh off and that’s just one pregnancy complication!

    • Aims Fabs says:

      I’m so sorry for you loss 💕. Sending you lots of love and baby dust 💕💕

    • mel says:

      @Lonnie Disha this
      i’m still recovering from my miscarriage and it’s been over a year

  3. Crystal Wilson says:

    Great quote from the show “Roseanne”: ‘Mommy, was I an accident?’ ‘No, honey, you were a surprise. An accident is something you’d never want; a surprise is something you never knew you wanted until you got it.’ Congrats to the whole family, including your brother and sister-in-law! 🙂

    • crystal guinn says:

      @Khadija Kapadiya because they are also expecting a baby.

    • Khadija Kapadiya says:

      Why brother and sister an law?

    • Vex_The_Rex says:

      ​@Kathleen Clark Wow! That’s so amazing. My surprise sister and I are 12 years apart. Because of our age gap, we are very close. There is something so special about surprises!

    • Kathleen Clark says:

      @Vex_The_Rex Yes my first (when I was 18) and my last (when I was 35) , were both surprises! 17 years between them..but their bdays are a day apart..July 9th and 10th! Lol. We also have two other children in-between them that were planned. Now we are young grandparents. I’m only 50..and have 4 grandbabies!

    • Vex_The_Rex says:

      I’ve heard it before, but still, That’s so sweet! My youngest sibling was a wonderful surprise.

  4. Taylor Benfield says:

    Single mom here, of a two year old and a four year old, they are almost exactly 2 years apart so i understand all of the crazy backwards and upside-down your emotions are right now, it off course will be difficult but not TOO difficult especially with all of the emotional support your family gives you and of course the support Matt gives you! I’m so excited to see this new journey develops! All the love and support! Congratulations and i wish y’all the best!

  5. The lolinstein gamer The says:

    I saw this and my jaw dropped, it feels like just yesterday griffin was born. Congrats guys, griffin will be a great big brother

  6. Joyce Ashley says:

    Pro Tip from Pediatrician-
    When you have two littles close in age and they’re both crying at the same time and you’re panicking- get the oldest settled first. It’ll take the guess work out of deciding and the oldest is more likely to understand or get upset feelings if they have to watch you help the newborn first. CONGRATS 🎉 !! So happy for your growing family!!

  7. Laura Jordan says:

    I loved the “maybe an accident, but not a mistake”; if anyone could do it- it’s you guys congrats 🙂

  8. Niels van den Berg says:

    CONGRATS you guys! My wife is 14 weeks today 🙂 Baby-buddies!
    By the way: some (unsolicited) pro-audio-dude advise: when you record audio this close to a mic, the mic pics up way more of the low frequencies (proximity effect). You can really hear this with the plosives (your P’s and B’s). A quick way to fix that is to put a highpass (lowcut) filter on your mics. You can do this digitally in your recording program, or in your editing program. Just set it to around 80/100Hz and you should be fine.
    Enjoy! Cheers!

  9. Kristine Cluff says:

    My first two were really close as well and have been best friends their entire lives! They are 18 and 17 now and are so grateful that we UNEXPECTEDLY had them so close together. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  10. Anneke says:

    OMG I love your vulnerability, honesty, sense of humor, you guys are simply the best!

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