We’re Rebuilding an Orphanage in Africa!

We’re Rebuilding an Orphanage in Africa!

Huge shoutout to Lectric eBikes for sponsoring this video so we could rebuild the orphanage. Give them a visit here and show them some love for being amazing people. https://lectricebikes.com/

Please help us support Mama Rosie and the kids at the orphanage for years to come by clicking the donate button or donating on our website. https://www.beastphilanthropy.org/donate/

You can also buy some merch that was designed by the kids themselves. 100% of our profits from these sales will be used to support the ongoing operations of the orphanage. https://shopbeastphilanthropy.com/

Also, shoutout to Dan Mace for directing this video. Dan is an incredible film maker and has joined us as a part of the Beast Philanthropy family. Give him a subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/@DanMace

Beast Philanthropy Video Disclaimer: This video was produced by Beast Philanthropy Productions, LLC, a North Carolina limited liability company. Any revenue generated for Beast Philanthropy Productions, LLC from this video will be donated to MrCharity, Inc. dba Beast Philanthropy, a North Carolina 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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22 Responses

  1. NightFoxx says:

    I feel like this channel just jumped YEARS ahead in quality. Thank you for inspiring future generations and taking care of those in dire need! Congrats Dan on your new role. Can’t wait to see more vids like this.

  2. deem132 says:

    Helping orphans, digging water wells, feeding people, helping homeless people, supporting schools…. you and your team are a legend. Hopefully the rich people around the world will learn a bit from you.

  3. Dario Kesegi says:

    This is the best Beast Philanthropy video yet! Dan did an amazing job.
    In the next videos I hope you bring back more fun side of Beast’s videos, and keep the emotions and storytelling of this one!
    Thank you for an amazing video <3

  4. Just_Teen says:

    Dan Mace makes every youtube video he works on feel like an Oscar nominated film.

  5. K&K Productions says:

    Nice work Dan this looks great! And all for a great cause. WIn, win!

  6. DVNTY says:

    Dan Mace did an amazing job with this video. The pacing, cadence and overall emotion and impact is miles above the previous videos. this is going to be a massive year for Beast Philanthropy and Dan.

  7. Shreyas says:

    It’s crazy that Jimmy went from doing challenges like reading the entire dictionary in one sitting to saving thousands and thousands of lives of people and animals

  8. Ronak says:

    I can’t even describe the man,the legend, the myth himself using words . This man has done so much for the world then any other living man can do. A big salute to you Jimmy

  9. Soorena TV Sedighi says:

    I think this just became one of my favourite channels. Thank you for everything you guys do. That was so heartwarming. Also, Dan is a legendary filmmaker & storyteller. So glad he’s here.

  10. VD3WX says:

    Comentario Brasileiro (Brazilian Comment): Mano esse cara eu peguei um carinho extremo por ele, as coisas que ele faz e tudo, usando o dinheiro que muita gente deseja tanto ele usa para fazer o entreterimento e ajudando as pessoas, esse cara em si é o cara que mais me fez sentir feliz de ver.

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