We’re Sorry….

We’re Sorry….

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You can look but you CANT touch prank: https://youtu.be/WtVe0typDVI
Being PDA in front of our friends: https://youtu.be/-MP2E1IiHXg
Being mean to my fiancé: https://youtu.be/Yi6T9UCslx0

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50 Responses

  1. Jatie Vlogs says:

    Love y’all. Thanks for being the strongest fam on YouTube. Your support yesterday was insane! Never expected to get so much love from you guys. Stay savage Jatie fam and welcome to prank wars🔥❤️

    • Katlynboyd says:

      Is it a prank

    • Soccer Star05 says:

      Jatie Vlogs we love you guys and you two are the best couple ever

    • Evie Harrington says:

      I saw your stories Katie and figured it out!😂😂

    • Alena Atchley says:

      Your assholes for this at first when they first released the first breakup video I thought it was a prank well then I watched it I’m like oh sad they actually did break up do you do the stalker and moving in they’re just too stressed out need a break And since I saw a double bugs this video and then when I clicked on this one I meet like clicked on it right when I got the notification though but I clicked on it and saw that his brother did a video reacting to it too and I’m like oh no and then I saw and they freaking pranked us their butts

    • ThatKid WavyTMoney says:

      I also knew it was a prank because I know Josh isn’t a type that fights a lot with you

  2. Scarlett Lamb says:

    literally nobody:
    not a single sole:

  3. Livin' it with Lauryn says:

    I was literally sooooo relieved that y’all aren’t taking a break. I told my sister that I was so sad and she was like taking breaks usually mean breaking up and I was like noooooo don’t say that I literally NEED them. But I’m glad y’all aren’t. Love y’all!

  4. Panicos Atalianis says:

    Omg its a prank literally i started crying when you guys said you were breaking up !! Hhaaa stupid me

  5. Sophia Nduwa says:

    Who else didn’t believe them because they already saw the Adi and Emily brake up prank

  6. selina smith says:

    *Me before*: watches video of them breaking up
    *A few moments later*: designs a *very* detailed drawing that said sorry for the loss, jatie vlog will be missed, on paper
    *After I finish the drawing*: Me about to take a picture of it and send it to josh and katie some how..
    *Me before I send them my picture* get’s notification of new video from jatie vlogs*..
    *Me after I click on the new video* what do they mean “we’re sorry..?”
    *Me after the video* * crumbles up the detailed drawing *
    *Me five seconds later..* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHYYYYYY WOULD YOU PRANK US I SPENT A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT INTO THAT DRAWING FOR NOTHING GAAAA *takes deep breath* well.. at least it was a prank 😒😤😅😥

    • Steve says:

      @Neil Serblowski literally not a single fucking person. Fuck these two stupid pieces of shit. People need to stop watching this “content” the trending page makes me sad for my country holy fuck.

    • cough pillbox says:

      They’re uncreative and use cheap tricks like this to gain a burst in views. They’re predatory in that regard

  7. Soreen Ganem says:


  8. Aiden Scott says:

    It concerns me how many people thought their breakup was real.

  9. picture perfect says:

    “That’s super messed up we would never prank you like that”… I mean the messed up part is still true

  10. Lawstidentity says:

    This channel is literally the next bfvsgf… Soon they will really break up… Not going to be surprised then

  11. Elsie Wright says:

    I knew it was a prank because of Katie’s crying pranks and the red under Josh’s eyes
    But Emily and adi have already done this prank

  12. Nya Hunter says:

    We not going to talk about all the bots in the comments

  13. Cabal97 says:

    THIS IS THE WORST, all that’s wrong on the internet.

  14. AnnTheSoSnazzian says:

    i mean i thought they were trying to throw the stalker off their tracks but… welp

  15. DailyBURGER642 ! says:

    “We just rewatched the video back and we decided we didn’t get enough views and we want more money cause we’re parasites”

  16. anime nerd says:

    You know it wasn’t that hard to tell that they were pranking us, like the acting was um… 😐

  17. Enderdragon456 says:

    This channel is everything wrong with the internet

  18. Jess P says:

    This is when you realize these people have nothing else better to do…

  19. SDT Fun Time says:

    The fact this is trending above everything involving coronavirus is hilarious 😂😂

  20. Bobby Brown says:

    First off this shouldn’t even be trending

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