Werenski gets puck to face, Rust scores second of the night

Werenski gets puck to face, Rust scores second of the night

John Tortorella wasn’t too happy after Zach Werenski was taken out of the play by a Phil Kessel shot to the mouth that lead to the Penguins tying the game.

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20 Responses

  1. tacocheesy96 says:

    wow leaving a trail of blood and dont call the whistle


    funny thing is I bet tortz is mad werenski


    if I here another ” play should have been stopped ” they never got possession and Pittsburgh was in the offensive zone. also it wasn’t clear he was. bleeding since he was covering his face. good goal for sure.

  4. Sn1ff says:

    Wow you’re so cool for scoring while a player is bleeding out in the middle of the ice dude

  5. Kyle Broflovski says:

    Happened to Bonino too and they didnt stop play

  6. Tyler Dillon says:

    Put any big name player in that situation and play gets blown down instantly

  7. Ryan Bandi says:

    A lot of butt hurt Blue Jackets fans in here

  8. Karol Czajko says:

    This cost the Blue jackets the game and this proves my theory the refs love the pens even if something like this happens since he was injured and play should be legally blown down since the jackets got possession

  9. Derek Swearingen says:

    refs botched this. where was the whistle for a hurt player. pitt being favored again lol

  10. Alien Intruder says:

    Lol I love how Malkin celebrates like it’s his goal. Always so awkward when more then one player thinks they scored

  11. MossyMoth731 says:

    But if it was Crosby I would of been a 5 game suspension for the other player

  12. Eashaan Singh says:

    as a habs fan, i think play should have been stopped. everyone who thinks otherwise has no feelings. Imagine getting shot in the face, fall on he ground bleeding like crazy, the refs not caring, and to make matters worse, the other team scores. don’t hide behind monitors and write “its a good goal”.

  13. Schill says:

    All of you are smart. You are all right. You are never wrong. You should reproduce as much as you can so we can have more of you in the future. Our Earth needs to be more populated.

  14. James Buck says:

    If it was the other way around and it was Crosby , the play would of been stopped immediately.

  15. Mirowrc says:

    Even though Im a Pens fan, Id say referee should have blew the whistle

  16. Angela DiMuccio says:

    whistle should have been blown and play stopped

  17. Bobby T. says:

    Refs have been awful all series long, for both teams. This stuff needs to stop. When watching other playoff games the refs don’t seem this bad.

  18. Mitchell Ulm says:

    At least he got it on ice quickly

  19. Axiom Music says:

    Should have thrown his gloves like Crosby usually do, the refs would have stopped the game.

  20. TheEpic22 says:

    Penguins once again get the easy first round match up. I wish I had their luck.

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