West Ham v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/10/19 | NBC Sports

West Ham v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/10/19 | NBC Sports

Check out the extended highlights between West Ham and Manchester City during Matchweek 1 of the 2019-2020 Premier League season. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManchesterCity #WestHam
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West Ham v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 8/10/19 | NBC Sports

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60 Responses

  1. Blue Danu says:

    The Premier league is back and I am loving it

  2. King Andre says:

    New season same Manchester city

  3. Carter McCabe says:

    Gabriel Jesus looks good in the #9 shirt

  4. Dragon220614 says:

    Embarrassing for West Ham

  5. Buitra says:

    12 :42 when you move your keeper on fifa

  6. abhi ram says:

    Pep is a savage! He benched Bernardo Silva on his birthday ?

  7. Nathan Hurdle says:

    so how is the jésus goal offisde but sterling’s isn’t if they’re looking at it through the same technology? the margins are razor thin – especially on the penalty, too. Yes, he was technically off the line, but he took a little step off less than .5 seconds before aguero’s foot made contact. i think this is going too far

    • Changwook Shim says:

      Nathan Hurdle The two offside calls were really tricky to make… it depends which frame you judge the pass to have been made in. As for the penalty, it wasn’t the keeper being off his line, it was Rice entering the penalty area well before Aguero took his shot

    • Devrim Tiryaki says:

      100% agree

    • Devrim Tiryaki says:

      VAR is going too far man

    • Forza•G says:

      Rice entered the box before the kick was even taken.. rewatch it .. even the commentators point it out

    • Alvin Chitena says:

      The margins don’t matter. Offside is binary. You are either onside of offside, no matter how razor thin the margins are. There’s nothing like “technically” off the line. You are either on it or off it. The role of VAR is to reduce the margin of error and that is exactly what it did. You can see the offside line VAR drew and you can see whether the player is on or off. Stop complaining.

  8. MrRedDevil Spud says:

    How are you going to give the Sterling goal when you called the Jesus goal offside? VAR is a good idea but get the right people working it….

  9. LeGoat James says:

    Didn’t even play Bernardo and still won 5-0

  10. itsjimsley says:

    No keeper has worked harder than fabianski for the past few seasons

  11. Dangrg says:

    I love var but some of these are kinda anti-climatic

  12. fryloc77 says:

    Leicester fan here! Glad to see Mahrez playing and those cuts on players in the box, sending them the wrong way, then taking a shot brought back some nice memories!! Man City looking great again!

  13. Antonio Venegas says:

    Agüero been missing some pens lately, would like to see him improve a bit

  14. Nyeniai Wornor says:

    This season will be won on goals difference. Liverpool or Man City

  15. Ancient Rageedi says:

    Raheem Sterling is eyeing for the best player in the League spot. He was also wonderful last season. City are lucky they have all these talented group entering their prime.

  16. Son Jay says:

    De Bruyne’s form is looking absolutely insane this season

  17. Lyncoln Richy says:

    Var is totally ridiculous it’s destroying the flow of the game

  18. Young Al says:

    Mahrez behind almost every goal today ?

  19. TheSlowNoob says:

    4:11 was that Sterling squeaking out of frustration??

  20. Wreck'dEnt. says:

    Liverpool: Ayyyy 4-1 we winning the trophy this year

    Man City: Am I a Joke to You?

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