West Indies vs Pakistan | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Match Highlights

West Indies vs Pakistan | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – Match Highlights

Watch full highlights of the West Indies vs Pakistan match at Trent Bridge, Game 2 of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.
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This is the official channel of the ICC – the governing body of international cricket.

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65 Responses

  1. Manoj Bhatti says:

    *Pakistani players want match to finish early to watch champion trophy highlights* ??????

  2. Mohammed Nizam says:

    Seriously,I thought It was rain affected a D/L method game.

  3. Faizan Ashhub says:

    In 2007 they lost to WI and Bob woolmer died. Really worried about Micky Arthur health now

  4. Greatest Player of all time LEO MESSI says:

    This Isn’t ODI Cricket World Cup
    This Is T20 Cricket World Cup ???

  5. spmrs 46 says:

    West Indies played like 20 overs match..

  6. Rahul Lamba says:

    Pakistani team gives there 105 percentage instead of 100.

  7. Scenic.Sylhet says:

    not sure if pakistan or Uganda under 13 cricket team ?

  8. Ibrahim ZaYeD says:

    funny moment was when 3 men were dancing in the crowd wrapping indian jersey in pakvswi match 4:25 mins ??

  9. Balaji Ram says:

    Match itself was like highlights ??y to edit and upload another highlights ????

  10. Habib Khawn says:

    Sarfaraz! Now its time leave the earth ??

  11. Maarif Online says:

    Even dollar is better than Pak team.. It reached 150 rupees lol ?

  12. s Thompson says:

    Dear ICC,
    We won’t mind highlights of 8-9 mins which shows all the wickets with appropriate slow-mo replays

  13. Chris Ilott says:

    Went from 77-6 to 87-9 wait what? Great highlights guys ?

  14. Aman Sharma says:

    ICC walo ne bdi muskil se 4:51 sec. ki video bana paayi h??…

  15. mudpuddlepanda says:

    Wtf is this highlight ? 77-6 to 87-9? Why cut the highlights? They are highlights for a reason
    No good Icc

  16. daniel javed says:

    Pm imran khan : give your 100%

    Pakistan : we gave 105

  17. Anthony Gordon says:

    Don’t matter how good you are in life they’re always be Hater’s … Good job west indies

  18. raj sahoo says:

    Imran khan= give your 100%
    Pakistan cricket= we give 105
    Dollar in Pakistan = Hold my beer.

  19. Siddharth Nahar says:

    The uber Virat Kohli ad before this was more entertaining ??

  20. pavan kalyan says:

    100-POLICE ?
    105-PAKISTAN ?

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