Westbrook Surprises Mother with Car

Westbrook Surprises Mother with Car

Russell Westbrook gave his All-Star MVP Kia Sorrento to a deserving mother of 2 in Oklahoma City

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20 Responses

  1. Joseph Iosefa says:

    This is why I hate american’s, everything is a show to them. Why cant you
    just give it without the cameras?

  2. Charissa Kelsey says:

    WESTBROOK > harden

  3. ShaneRobertMoreland says:

    props to russell

  4. Quorion Cooper says:

    Russell Westbrook=AWSOME. Who vote Westbrook mvp 

  5. Kris Perdew says:

    How can there be four dislikes?

  6. sunn moon says:

    im a celtics fan,but i always had respect for russel,now even more.


    Bigg player,bigg man <3

  8. Ahmad Hijazi says:

    Not to take anything from Westbrook or his sweet gesture, but a Sorento is
    worth 25K, that’s chump change to the star of the Thunder. If he was going
    to do something like that out of kindness, do it under the table, would be
    more sincere.

  9. Dominican Niggaz World YM says:

    Russell! one house for my mother please!

  10. Dominican Niggaz World YM says:

    Blessing Russell

  11. mood says:

    I need this one

  12. Tahreek Bolton says:

    He’s the real MVP

  13. dfc576 says:

    Very cool, great job Mr. Westbrook! Also a good job to the mom for raising
    those kids and going to school.

  14. Z Shariff says:

    i love stories like this! new respect for a great player!

  15. TrueKingz says:

    Wonder how much he was paid off to do this. You people are gullible.

  16. dean2663 says:

    Did he at least get a BJ?

  17. Coral Caine says:

    Good pub for Russell, don’t let this fool you.

  18. bison1203 says:

    Awesome. Westbrook is a class act and I don’t think they could have found a
    better recipient.

  19. N.C. says:

    How can anyone dislike this video??? 

  20. 930bestvideos says:

    Not only is Westbrook the MVP of the league, he is a selfless person.