Westworld: Tease (HBO)

Westworld: Tease (HBO)

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Westworld is coming to HBO in 2016

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20 Responses

  1. Ahmed Diop says:

    Cliffton Collins jr,Anthony Hopkins,Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright, what an
    amazing cast.

  2. Grant Wilson says:

    The line between t.v. and cinema is blurring all the time.

  3. animuslogik says:

    didnt some1 already make westworld in some other show? i can’t remember
    where i remember seeing it

  4. golob13 says:

    I hate Interstellar but this looks very promising. If done right, Jonathan
    Nolan has my blessing to adapt Foundation.

  5. Bill Waring says:

    I have been saying for years that Westworld should be remade, this teaser
    did not disappoint me at all

  6. Jason Villanueva says:

    Before Jurassic Park there was Westworld…

  7. Rogue Soul says:

    Oh my! Great teaser.

  8. Fox Mulder says:

    #MichaelCrichton LIVES!!


    Wow !

  10. Chad Kimball says:

    so its like sci fi deadwood?

  11. Macario Patrick says:

    Have I seen this trailer before? I think I saw it leaked or maybe it was
    pictures, but I have been waiting for this ever since it was announced by
    HBO! Thank you HBO!

  12. Stephen Johnston says:

    Looks boss!

  13. Marinanor says:

    Looks filthy, displeasing, and sickening.

  14. todd wilbur says:

    hay that True Detective finale was just like those actors careers , long
    draw out with a shity ending. my 9yr old writes better stories with

  15. Josh Gómez says:

    Awesome :-)

  16. tommaspawn says:

    not original…westworld was made in 1965…brilliant movie…I hope this
    lives up to the classic…


    they are robots…that go insane…I think there was an episode with itchy
    and scratchy about the same thing….

  17. W Lee says:

    Without a bald headed, bad ass gunslinger type like Yul Brynner you don’t
    have a series. You need someone thats going to bring the fear of God “or at
    least robots” to this series.

  18. bangmeow says:

    How do you know if Taylor Swift exists if you’ve never met her in real
    life. Replying “I’ve met her” proves nothing. Pictures and video can be
    easily fabricated.