Westworld Trailer (HBO) – MATURE VERSION

Westworld Trailer (HBO) – MATURE VERSION

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Westworld is coming to HBO in October 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Drew Mac says:

    Hmm what is this.

  2. Elias Mata says:

    I want to be mature and all, but let me be loose for a bit and say that I’m
    ecstatic about this.

  3. J.A. R.B. says:

    This might save them and in a certain redeem HBO for cancelling the Utopia

  4. Luiz Henrique Barth says:

    Brace yourselves, another hit is coming!

  5. Arnold Ziffel says:

    Try the Last Kingdom for the newest hit.

  6. robert daniel says:

    the cast is incredible

  7. George Ou says:

    0:41 a Matrix Morpheus parody?

  8. Rohith Kumar says:

    This better be good considering they just ended person of interesty.

  9. Christian Schmude says:

    *grumbling* I wanted to remake Westworld *grumbles some more*

  10. majinraptor says:

    Can’t wait mofos

  11. Deven Lawrence says:

    Holy shit.

  12. Soshi METAL says:

    Looks better than all the movie that came out this year all rolled into
    one. Can’t wait!

  13. Adam Moody says:

    I can’t believe that neither trailer mentions Michael Crichton. He wrote,
    and directed, the original from 1973.

  14. Jones6192 says:

    I think Michael Crichton would be proud. This looks so bloody amazing.

  15. Avocado says:

    wow this looks so good. This show looks like it has the best production
    values on television to date.

  16. clearevil says:

    Remake of the film the thirteenth floor

  17. jk8826 says:

    Worst nightmare: Antony Hopkins teeling me I couldn’t possibly be his

  18. Binge Watchers says:

    A thousand times yes to this.

  19. Brian Stones says:

    If it says mature version you’ve just got to watch it.

  20. Jacob Davis says:

    OH MY GOD I JUST REALIZED JURASSIC PARK (both the book AND movies)
    COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF WESTWORLD!!! How the f**k hadn’t I realized this
    until this very trailer? Anthony Hopkins character here is Richard
    Attenborough there!!! I know they’re both by Michael Crichton, but come
    on!!! I’m still probably going to watch the Pilot of this at least, just
    because it looks like it might genuinely be cool.