We’ve All Been Fooled

We’ve All Been Fooled

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43 Responses

  1. Antoine Bandele says:

    This man must have a writing team. No way he’s this good, this consistently. Seriously, ESPN needs to hire you for a segment.

  2. JiDion says:

    There’s not one sports analyst I can think of that’s better then jimmy. Your more then just a sports channel your giving us elite level journalism and we appreciate you!

  3. kissipher944272 says:

    I would love to see the correlation between the increase in 3 point shooting and the triple double. Are players getting more chances at rebounds based on increased missed shots? Has league apathy towards defense lead to increased scoring; leading to more assists? Might be also interesting to see what statistical category leads in the most “almost” triple doubles. Most likely its due to players now are more gifted and coached to play all parts of the game. Love the video as always!

    • The Almighty-T says:

      @Block X how? He broke down win percentage which is what the video was about: Does a triple double game lead to winning games. Calculating the reason why a triple double happens is off topic. Y’all shouldn’t skip class anymore.

    • Block X says:

      @The Almighty-T statistic story telling 101. You can use data either tell or CREATE a story out of something that might not be true. He said it himself, stats dont lie but based on context. What about this: russ can get rebound because opponents missing shots, therefore higher chance of winning. The number of winning might have been higher if he doesnt leave opponent that he supposed to guard for the sake of trying to get rebound for the shot that actually goes in.

    • M_J S says:

      There is way more possessions per game for every team in the league because the game is much faster nowadays. More possessions per game means more points, more assists, and more misses aka more rebounds. All stats are beefed up right now due to the pace of the game being so much faster.

    • SammyTV says:

      Yes especially makes it easier for guards to get rebounds because missed 3s result in longer rebounds

    • Max O says:

      I haven’t done any research, but increased 3s most likely means longer rebounds on misses which gives the 1-3 more chances of getting rebounds while out on the perimeter

  4. Domba says:

    This is one of the most needed NBA based channels on the internet, period.
    the way you put things into perspective changes my whole outlook on certain players. As always, Thank you.

  5. WaitHangOnWhat says:

    I love Russ, and I believe his triple doubles are an amazing achievement that contribute to winning basketball. I would, however, like to see those win percentages with opponent difficulty rating as another stat. I could see a situation where stacking up triple doubles against a bottom-half defense leads to easy wins, but the same play-style has a tough time against elite teams. Russ has a great track record, but it’d be an interesting extra data point.

  6. KOT4Q says:

    Jimmy dont miss

  7. Jackson Halls says:

    I think the win percentage increase when russ gets a triple double doesn’t tell the whole story. What if you factor in games where he has 10+ assists/ rebounds and then 8 or 9 of the opposite stat? Or when he has 9 rebounds and 8 assists and vice versa. I think if these get accounted for then it would show the importance of his triple doubles

    • Jim Boylen says:

      Yes, and when he gets a triple double that’s of course good for his team, but he tries it every game although he does not have one every game. So when he tries and fails to get one it definitely hurts the team, and since that is the majority of the time it overall hurts the team more.

    • kuumpirukas71 says:

      Maybe it’s the other way around – if his team is playing well then it creates more opportunity for him to achieve better stats? Bit of a logical fallacy to assign the causality of his team’s wins to his triple-double.

    • Chris Clark says:

      They are accounted for. They’re included in the non-TD games that have a 57% winning percentage. As someone who majored in math, I can say that this isn’t perfect since there are a number of variable changes, but no stats are in isolation, and as far as stats goes, it’s pretty indisputable that his TDs and TDs in general are good for winning.

  8. Billy Moreno says:

    I used to hate Russ and that changed when he was left alone in OKC and still tried his best to lift the team into playoffs. Lots of fans only see his mistakes they often forgot the great things he is doing. I love that this video validates the greatness of Russ.

  9. Pew Pew Pandas says:

    My main question I’m left with is this: Are teams winning more when players get a triple double, or are players finding it easier to get triple doubles against teams they’re beating. Also interested in the seemingly random increase in triple doubles. Did it happen as a result of the floor being more spread out in the 3 point era as well as the fall in defensive capabilities due to foul calls? I need more graphs Jimmy; where are the graphs?

    • adolka says:

      zhongming wen I also think home team statisticians are giving assists more leniently to their own players. I saw a few YT clips (I need to find it and link it here) where it shows players getting credited for an assist for passing to a teammate who proceeds to jab step, pump fake , dribble cross over into the Lane, spin and hit fade away jumper. I might have gotten the rules mixed up but I don’t consider that an assist

    • Aaron says:

      I think that perhaps the increase in 3-point shooting has made assists (and maybe even rebounds) much easier to come by?

    • Only Facts says:

      its easy.
      1st there are triple doubles that you can see that the player is stat padding.
      In this ERA every pass is almost an assist while in the past an assist was only a direct pass that lead to a basket.
      Now NBA is rigging stats to SELL.They are letting players getting credited with assists when they arent really assist.
      Lebron passing the ball to A.DAVIS in the post waiting without dribbling then face his opponent and pass over him to get a basket its not an assist.
      An assist was when your basket was due to the pass that your teammate made, now you see guys inbounding the ball and getting credited with an assist for a teammate that run the entire floor to score a basket.
      And of course shooting 3 from all over the place, means that in a lucky day even you can make 10 assists if you have the ball all the time.
      You can make a pass to a guy next to you and if he shoots from half court and makes it its an assist.
      There are no bigs in the paint and its a lot of space, in the past you had 3,4 guys fighting for reobunds, now players dont have great fundamentals and most only a few box out for themselves ..thats why you see old players like KANTER and HOFORD grabbing 10 rebounds in 20 minutes.
      Or players that some years ago couldnt get 5 rebounds now averaging 10 rebounds.
      CP3 just broke his record of REBOUNDS.

    • Denny Krznaric says:

      @Robert Carr You could check the win-% of the teams that he got the triple double against. Would maybe give a small hint of how true that statement is

    • tntcrewEJ says:

      If it was winning causing the player to get the triple double and not the other way around, why is the triple double so rare in the other eras? (60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s).

  10. j g says:

    l remember watching this man’s videos leaving middle school. i’m a freshman in college now and he still gets better with every single video. ur a legend jimmy

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