We’ve come a long way…

We’ve come a long way…

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Title: Laszlo – Supernova
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51 Responses

  1. Manvendra Singh says:

    Your story is of a hardworking guy and we will continue our support for u…love u Linus

  2. Pierce Sonnenberg says:

    And he dropped stuff the whole way through…

    • Per-Arvid Land says:

      15:20 So, uh… mr. B&H rep. guy… this item seems to have been… damaged… during shipping. Can we get a new one? :-p

  3. Ro MaYo Jr says:

    sounds like brandon needs a promotion!

  4. Kev says:

    Let’s be real the kitchen was the shit. Great lighting and a somewhat interesting backdrop. Still waiting for a spatula-perfect replica.

  5. Jimny VR5 says:

    2013 quality is wayyy good enough for YouTube even today…

  6. koel700 says:

    Linus : Thank you for joining me..im
    Me : and THAT is how the legend started

  7. Akshayram S says:

    Linus Tech Tips – Dropping electronics since 2009

  8. Mr MuBot says:

    I am watching your videos since your very first 20-25 videos.
    There are very few youtubers out there (like very few) who I truly respect. Who truly teaches us something and share their original opinions and reviews.
    I’ve just started putting videos recently myself but alas most of the crowd I know is interested in smartphones. I don’t just wanna do smartphones. They’re what sells the most but there are a lot of other things which a consumer should know about. So I guess I need to keep pushing my channel. Thanks for making this. Cheers and keep growing.

    • OocarpediemO says:

      Saw couple of your last videos. Not bad. Room for improvement but they can surely improve with time. Subbed.

    • Ashwin Ram says:

      Mr MuBot ??

    • King Andrew says:

      A small tip for those making videos: Lighting is obviously important and it seems to be a cost challenge for a lot of people. If you want some killer lighting for really cheap, get those aluminum reflector clip lamps and some clear (not white-coated) 150w incandescent bulbs. Clear incandescent bulbs with a 2700K color temperature give some of the highest quality lighting you can buy (100 CRI) and the setup is extremely cheap for the amount of light power you get. You can easily get about 30,000 lumens of high quality lighting for under $100.

    • Suchibish says:

      If so you must of switched accounts, cause the channel your using joined YouTube March of 2018.

  9. GT-R Guy says:

    10 years later he still hasn’t hit puberty

  10. iii mmm says:

    Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

  11. Chris D says:

    Your frosted tips have come a long way…

  12. Ashley Dale says:

    I’ve been watching since before you even hired Luke. I think the fist video i watched of Linus was on NCIX on how to bend AMD CPU pins back into place back in 2009 or 2008. Been subscribed and watching ever since.

    • cubity cube says:

      Aha yes! I forgot about that video, man Linus really is the reason I care and know anything about computer hardware. Loved his old raid videos too

  13. Slian D says:

    Linus lookin like an end game BOSS in that evil chair.

  14. AMV king says:

    Considering your steady growth….you channel will the only one on youtube which will survive

  15. Sergey Dankov says:

    So, basically, thanks Brandon for upping the game. If he didn’t ask for all these upgrades, we’d still see amateur-ish videos of Linus improvising while unboxing things. XD

    • Mil Cuyvers says:

      That’s what i thought too. It sounds like they wouldn’t even be close to where they are today if it wasn’t for Brandon.

    • Sergey Dankov says:

      Yep, I’m glad that Brandon joined their team to replace Luke with his “grossly misrepresented experience in camera operation”, which also had a positive side effect of putting Luke in front of the camera rather than behind it, hehe! ^^

  16. Luffy says:

    God bless Brandon

  17. 8Lec says:

    Every YTer spends money on himself, except Linus. He puts all the money back into the channel.
    Thx Linus 🙂

    • TheTF01 says:

      Sebastian Nielsen well we can kind of make that assumption because of his recent car purchase. Instead of buying a Tesla, that is a techie’s dream car like he talked about, he bought a Chevy electric car.

    • Zeronality says:

      He earns the money, he has a right to spend it freely.

    • Aero 神 says:

      He spoils himself just like everyone does, he just does it in a more logical way.

    • Seth Watchlist says:

      I’m not completely sure which video it was but I think it was an episode of Honest Anwers (about how LTT makes money). Linus explained it pretty well and people who follow can tell, I think. He said that, even with all the success, things have stayed pretty much the same as in that he has always been a cheapskate and the only fancy things he would ever buy were tech gadgets (just like before LTT). He wears the same cheap sandals, the same pants and nowadays mostly his own merch. He drives a car that is way less expensive than what is within his reach (and until recently has even driven the pink “lambo” that most people wouldn’t even consider driving) and still lives in the same house he had back then (though that might change because of the children having to share a room right now). Linus really has stayed true to himself while growing as a business owner and person

    • Razvan Popescu says:

      Nope. He ditched the lambo… 🙂

  18. highestspirit says:

    Please do introduce us to your whole team. Will like to thank them all for helping LTT to reach new heights.

  19. Jimmy Dali says:

    I can’t wait to watch the next ’20 years of LTT’ video to compare to today’s video! Props!

  20. Dyslexic Mitochondria says:

    Haha nostalgia! Been watching you since the NCIX days. Really love your PC builds. Infact you inspired me to start my own youtube channel. Keep up the good work.

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