What $4,800 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs Home Tour | Refinery29

What $4,800 Will Get You In NYC | Sweet Digs Home Tour | Refinery29

On this episode of Sweet Digs, we tour Social Media Editor, Ally Hickson’s three bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side. Ally walks us through her place, showing us what $4,800 a month can get you in NYC. Press play to see how this R29er lives!

High rent, small spaces, nosy neighbors — we put up with A LOT of things to live where we love. In Sweet Digs, Refinery29 gets a peek inside the homes of the coolest people we know, from tiny studios to sprawling houses, and ask the real questions like, “Wait, how much is your rent?”

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What $1,800 Will Get You In NYC

What $2,600 Will Get You In NYC


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48 Responses

  1. MissCute Cupcake says:

    What if my shoes are already off??
    Can I still come in??

  2. Its_Me_Carmen says:

    Oh my word i love your kitchen

  3. Rena Fab says:

    I like the colors

  4. nata be says:

    Gosh.. imagine paying 4800 dollars per month… she must be rich

  5. EyeRolling says:

    Whoa that’s a big apartment for NYC!

  6. MsCouve says:

    Dag!!! NYC is expensive!!!! That’s like 4x a mortgage 😩😩

  7. Sirin Srikier says:

    Love this video! I’m moving to LA and I need to get used to the higher rent cost.

    • Kermit Kardashain says:

      you never will its so expensive my friend pays $2,400 for a bedroom apartment in north hollywood in a nice complex and area but if you are willing to live in the ghetto and in a crappy apartment you could find a 2 bedroom for $1,800

    • Dean says:

      places where people really want to live are all expensive. new york city, london, england. san francisco, los angeles…it’s far better to be a landlord there than a renter. many people go to those cities and stay maybe a year but then give up and move back home because (in most industries) pay isn’t any better there than dallas texas, and it costs 5 times as much to live there.

  8. •Murray• •HeleneJ• says:

    She did a great job with her sense of humor (which feels like everyone at refinery 29 has this certain type lol) as well as her walk through.

  9. Parker Acosta says:

    15k a year could’ve been invested into your actual home smh

    • Edgar Avies says:

      Yes, exactly. There is stupid people and smart people. We must have all these types of people in the world or else it wouldn’t work out. Not everyone can be the same or think the same.

  10. MickyAvStickyHands says:

    It’s amazing what we convince ourselves is comfortable in order to maintain a career in a crowded city.

  11. Purple Bleach says:


  12. BLCK Check says:

    NYC is raping ppl with these rent prices.
    As a new Yorkers is shameful but I get it .

  13. Nubianette says:

    $4800.00 is a great price! I’m sure it would be similar in my city, Oakland, CA. Sad. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. Spiral Breeze says:

    That small window in the kitchen was where the original bathroom was. It would be interesting to know what the original layout was. It was probably a two bedroom.

  15. Jose Galvan says:

    You know what, I’m sticking to Texas when I move out

  16. Sackmatters says:

    $4,800 for a shitty ass apartment. Try 1,400 for a 3 story 3 bath 3 bed room 1,600 sq ft log house in Alaska.

  17. Jorge L. F. says:

    Female crack dealer?

  18. grimey 5.56 says:

    So in other words it gets you nothing because it’s a communist, socialist, liberal Utopia that allows you to give up all your money. Wow sounds so exciting to live there! Must be nice to give up all your hard earned money and everything you have! I have two more bedrooms than you, a two car garage, 1 acre of land, A Large Size Shed with electricity and a Lake with boating rights and I pay $900 a month. Oh did I mention I would be owning too and you’ll never own where you live?? Thank you for sharing your video and showing me how terrible New York is and why I would never live there. Have fun watching over your shoulder so you’re not mugged. Not trying to be mean but it is absolutely ridiculous and possibly insane for anyone to think that’s normal rent. For god sakes you have AC units in your windows an old school heater units that I used to see when I was in school 20 years ago. Boy New Yorkers are really brainwashed
    The other thing is you said you switch to a bigger bedroom you are now paying 1590 to share a place with other people cuz it’s so ridiculous. You are still paying over $600 more than what I pa! Do yourself a favor go to a free state and truly feel what it’s like to be free.

  19. Ye'ela says:

    Turn the nook into another storage or bookshelf area? I think that’s what I would do. If you can install floating shelves, maybe the next challenge is installing shelves in the nook to keep more books and shoes.

  20. MD Supreme says:

    She has great voice

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