What a fight! Sergey Kovalev v Anthony Yarde official highlights

What a fight! Sergey Kovalev v Anthony Yarde official highlights

Sergey Kovalev and Anthony Yarde put on a show in Russia as they competed for the WBO light-heavyweight title.

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59 Responses

  1. Nabil Abdulrashid says:

    Wasn’t the punch that done him.. it was fatigue.. the more musclebound guys will always struggle in later rounds..

    • Jack Trippin777 says:

      @jose ramirez exactly, that round where he had kovalev in trouble but didn’t finish him was the end of the fight…

    • Tent Ringer says:

      @Mad Animal Fitness Anthony Joshua, Frank Bruno, Wladimir Klitschko all were muscular and all had stamina problems.

    • The Last Dragon says:

      Ninja he just dont know how to fight, I know plenty of professionals doesn’t mean thier good at what they do, he doesn’t even know how to punch, very awkward looking fighter

    • The Illustrious Chosen One says:

      Fatigue from taking Kovalevs punches for 11 rounds. His muscles didn’t help, but Sergey beat the hell out of that boy. His jab is fierce.

    • Shariif Rage says:

      Anthony Yarde forgot to take him out quick, and decided to convince the fans that he can also out jab taller opponents. What a huge mistake!

  2. kell ali says:

    Yup them muscle will eat your life line away good try yard get rid of them muscles champ ?

  3. Raphao393 says:

    Thanks for the upload ! What a great fight, Kovalev is a REAL champion !!

  4. amlasm says:

    a lead left hook will never beat a jab. yarde will learn from this loss hopefully. great work kovalev


    Wow! Wat a match, wat a fight wat night. Congratulations to the champion

  6. 1766584 says:

    Buddy doing a outstanding job with Kovalev. What Kovalev did after rd 8 was impressive against a young strong and determined fighter.

    • Gio says:

      1766584 kovalev dominated him rounds 1-7 and 9-11 lol

    • 1766584 says:

      Gio man I love that jab. And he’s boxing very well by setting up his punches. And Buddy seem to have him very motivated, because l believe at one time, he would’ve went down in that 8th rd. I don’t know why all the hate, but he looks dangerous to me. If GBP don’t handicap him, Canelo is in for a war. Kovalev jab and speed way better that GGG’s

    • Sulaiman Katumba says:

      Canelo couldn’t knock out or knock down Daniel Jacobs!

    • Sulaiman Katumba says:

      Canelo considers himself better than GGG but hasn’t proved it and his fans are not sincere either!

    • TheOneAndOnly says:

      1766584 Young? The man is 28.. I remember when the top boxers were dominating and world champs in their early 20s, not just starting to make a name for themselves when they’re nearly 30.. Shows how far boxing has fallen really when a 28 year old is considered young

  7. Jam Joson 3 says:

    KOVALEV got my respect I was totally wrong, big up to his endurance, good fight.

    • T Morales says:

      I think his endurance caught us all a bit by surprise, the man was known for not taking training camp seriously and he just outworked a young lion

    • Amor Cito says:

      Yarde looked like he was afraid of kovalev he Bearly threw punches like he does with other boxers he has faced. ??

    • D3X | Editor says:

      Amor Cito because he would get countered. All the bums he fought didn’t throw back they just stood there, didn’t move their head and didn’t counter. Kovalev is a world champion

    • stephen schneider says:

      It’s ok, probably a casual rooting for the jacked “brotha”.

    • Amor Cito says:

      @D3X | Editor lmao yeah is true well I knw yarde will be a champ later on maybe can beat pascal for d belt he just won from browne

  8. Erik Turner says:

    Yarde has terrible defense move your head Jesus; KO by a jab bc he was so tired lose that muscle and work on conditioning

  9. eric edmunds says:

    Too bad Andre ward retired I’d like to see a 3rd fight between them again. I think Kovalev won the first match.

    • itsfriday says:

      No doubt bro

    • Ghetto President says:

      Why did the referee stop the 2nd fight with Andre Ward? There was no counting, nothing. Just stopped the fight. They gave it to Ward.

    • ricvill9 says:

      Won 1st fight and got robbed, then 2nd fight should have been disqualification instead of TKOB = TECHNICAL KNOCK OUT by way of BALLS!!

    • Jefrie Fulton II says:

      The first fight was close and could’ve went either way. I personally would’ve liked a draw. Kov checked out mentally before the the second fight and it showed during the fight. It is what it is. I also had the pleasure of attending both fights.

    • Sup Herb says:

      Kovalev doesnt want to see Andre ever again. He got beat soundly… if not the first time then the second fight sealed Kovalev’s legacy of just being an “ok” fighter. Hes not elite.

  10. Ryan Brennan says:

    Huge respect to Yarde massive set up and i think people forget Kovalev was pound for pound #2 before he boxed Andre Ward but Kovalev showed what a class asset he is to world boxing.

  11. RenegadeRaida says:

    36 year old Kovalev more stamina than this 28 year old yarde. That jab from Kovalev ko’ing yards was brilliant,

    • Truth Teller says:

      RenegadeRaida experience beats youth every day of the week… Great fight for Yarde though! He had Kovalev hurt bad early but couldn’t finish the guy! Yarde will definitely learn and get better from this fight…

    • Adrian Lagos says:

      @Truth Teller Yarde had him hurt in the 8rh round for a minute but was dominated every other minute and round. Yarde got spanked by the way superior fighter.

    • stephen schneider says:

      @gomojo107 Excuses, he was younger. Lions in the….oh

    • Truth Teller says:

      Adrian Lagos Lol. Hurt for a minute?! Kovalev was having flashbacks from when Andre Ward drowned him in deep waters… Kovalev was lucky that Yarde didn’t have the experience to finish him like Andre Ward did… Andre Ward was certainly the far superior fighter against Kovalev…Ward knew to work Kovalev’s body but Yarde wasn’t consistent enough… He’ll be able to beat Kovalev in another year or two…

    • showlogicprod says:

      And yet, ‘fans’ write-off Kovalev all the time. Krusher is definitely not finished yet. Still has some surprises for the division.

  12. Hossam Ibrahim says:

    “Down by a jab” . Tells u everything aboit the fight , kovaleve and yard.

  13. Charles Dukes says:

    Sergey is a better boxer than I thought his jabs and accuracy with his punches on point

  14. Tomas Perez Jr. says:

    After his rematch with Alvarez and then this fight, it looks like Kovalev is taking the sport seriously now

  15. Not-inThisLife says:

    Canelo vs Kovalev
    make it happen!
    canelo said if kov wins this fight than he’ll fight him next..

  16. Rosauro Tabilog says:

    ..i thought someone’s throwing a towel before the end of round 10..

  17. senza nome says:

    Kovalev of 2015/16 destroy a guy like Yard in max 3 round..

  18. Lengendary Leo says:

    Watching this highlight video was like watching a seminar on how to use the jab. Kovalev put on a boxing clinic!

    • David Marshall says:

      Yeah he won convincingly – but his flaws were also clearly exposed again by a lesser boxer. He is very very susceptible when someone goes to the body. He was in a world of trouble in the 8th as soon as a couple of quality body shots hit he went to water. Hes not winning a fight against a better boxer with that very obvious weakness.

  19. MrJusttestinghere says:

    What I watched was an experienced boxer pick apart and put away good but lesser experienced one. Quality boxing.

  20. Bilal Humayun says:

    This is some Dragonball stuff right here, guys gets pummeled one round and pulls out his final form the next.

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