“What a Fraud” – Rich Eisen Reacts to Fresh Reports of Urban Meyer’s Disastrous Jaguars Tenure

“What a Fraud” – Rich Eisen Reacts to Fresh Reports of Urban Meyer’s Disastrous Jaguars Tenure

Rich Eisen reacts to new reports of Urban Meyer’s ineptitude during his brief tenure at the helm of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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41 Responses

  1. Yeahsure says:

    If he treated nfl players like this, imagine how badly he treated college kids.

    • RebelTV r says:

      @Michael Ford Yeah, I think Khan was desperate for a big name and went after Meyer. Big mistake.

    • TheRounder1980 says:

      @taggle waggle Look at his last quitting with lies heart issues etc. Hes been sketchy everywhere he goes. Jags was the first place that it get out. Some people change normal brains. But not someone who can’t feel remorse or shame. Narcissistic sociopath who craves power and fame

    • TheRounder1980 says:

      @RJ Huff I grew up in sports in 90s when it was tough but a coach should respect his players and not treat them like dirt

    • Apollo Orosco says:

      @RebelTV r Nah, he’s a fraud like Trump.

    • Michael Ford says:

      @RebelTV r all the current players said if he goes to the pros he won’t succeed because he doesn’t know how to lead or talk to grown men , that was said almost a year before he got to Jacksonville

  2. Arcterus says:

    It was weird how we won more games than in 2020, yet it still felt like a worse season. Fucking embarrassing. I’m rarely a fan of firing a coach after just one season, but Meyer richly deserved it. Hopefully Pederson will be the guy for us, but even if he’s not, he’ll look like the Messiah next to Urban Meyer.

    • GT Nismo says:

      Take it from a lifelong Bucs fan, regardless of win/loss record, stay true. They will find their recipe for success. The Bucs and the Rays have. Jacksonville WILL be a championship team. Go Bucs. Go Jags. 😎🏍💨👍

    • Steve Andersen says:

      That because the media is telling you that it is worse.

    • Jeff Bair says:

      I think that was mostly you have a special (potentially) young QB. When you have that, you have accomplished the hardest hurdle in a rebuild.

    • Felix Bruno says:

      @internet troll Great coach for Trevor.

    • Felix Bruno says:

      Pederson about to make the Jaguars playoff contenders.

  3. Kaddyshakk says:

    I need this to be a documentary ASAP!!! The madness we don’t even know about!

  4. Blank Blank says:

    I wish my boss would get called out like this. “What a fraud…what a fraud!” That would be a great day.

  5. Asc says:

    God I love that he calls him a FRAUD as he truly is. Well done Rich

  6. Noni says:

    Can you imagine what those college kids went through. The abuse.

    • Josiah Erickson says:

      @Z Fouleur I served and I can tell you that through good leadership and even the shitty leadership I did not have to deal with what Urban did to his players.

    • James C. Meetze says:

      @Z Fouleur Military vet here. The military ain’t even bad. The difference here is that in the military respect is a core value. You’re treated like an adult. Not at any point in the Navy did I feel disrespected. These men in a professional environment were treated like garbage. They didn’t sign up to be treated like that. I think that matters. You volunteer for the military.

    • Jon Holmes says:

      @T. Riddler that’s because he has more championships than Tom Brady. That’s all D1 cares about

    • Rich Solo says:

      People like you are why they took real hitting out of the nfl and made them all wear skirts.

    • twossix says:


  7. Jason Holman says:

    Preach brother. Jaguars beat a couple good teams too even with that fraud of a coach.. Im interested to see what Pederson can do. Happy Trevor has an actual mentor to play for now.

    • Charlie OBrien says:

      J’ville is a good scenario to be the “worst to first” story of the ’22 season.
      They have a lot of good pieces. A Lot!

  8. DunkmasterXXL says:

    Rich has some excellent content, his show is quite refreshing.
    Felt like a normal person needed to say this.

  9. Zoggosh says:

    As a guy who works for just north of 15$ an HR, that was the most laughable thing I have ever heard. We would literally hire a cardboard box if it could fill out an application and wear the uniform.

  10. Keith Crook says:

    My god, you know it was the biggest failure in NFL coaching history when it makes everyone completely forget about Bobby Petrino

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