What a Pikachu World

What a Pikachu World

I’m not crying, you’re crying…

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61 Responses

  1. Sammich says:

    Ryan: “I want a sappy trailer”
    Editor: “How much sap do you want?”
    Ryan: “Everything”

  2. Christian Puddington says:

    The fact that this is coming out right after Endgame is a good thing, because we’re all gonna need a pick-me-up after Endgame’s over.

  3. Velimir Mišanović says:

    I see Bulbs of green
    Morelull’s too
    Squirtle’s blue
    (thats all i got)

  4. Dr Builder says:

    Thought three things: How is Dead pool is going to fit in a world filled with Pokemon 3d Remake creatures and a film that respects it’s source material.
    Me:The directors actually played the Pokémon games.

  5. Seijiro Kanda says:

    Ryan: *post a touchy Pokemon video
    It’s super effective!
    Viewer: fainted!

  6. Tantani says:

    It looks so amazing!!!!
    This movie look better and better with every promo and trailer!!!!

  7. iAMtyk says:

    Can’t wait for the sequel of Detective Pikachu to be released.

    Inspector Raichu.

  8. Hammad Ali says:

    The CGI is fantastic. I never thought they could make realistic looking Pokemon look so good. 10/10

    • abe perdomo says:

      That’s only the good thing about this Pokemon movie just the Pokemon the rest is garbage the actor the voice of pikachu and story all GARBAGE

    • SmashLiXs says:

      +abe perdomo what the hell are you talking about? how can you make some controversial yet bold bullcrap statements before even seeing it?

    • Bose-Einstein says:

      I wouldn’t go that far. 7/10, maybe, but 10/10? They’re hardly perfect.

    • Tender Loin says:

      +Matthew Pearson if they made them any more realistic than they look in this movie. People would feel really disturbed rather than excited.

  9. Primira says:

    Detective pikachu ad plays before detective pikachu trailer. Thanks YouTube

  10. song cheack says:

    *Marvel avengers infinity war* : we toke CGI to the limits
    *detective pikachu team* : hold my beer*

  11. Agent Fern says:

    Psyduck hugging Pikachu is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  12. Casey’s Jams says:

    That was sweet ?

    Look at that
    I’m drowning in my own tears

  13. Puddi Panda says:

    Jigglypuff’s singing skills got a *lot* better 😮

  14. The Judge Of Evil says:

    *Who ever did the CGI for Pikachu gets an extra raise.*

  15. Clover Senpai says:

    Just before watching this, i got an add for detective pikachu


  16. PLC The Legacy says:

    I never thought I needed the image of Psyduck hugging Pikachu in my life but that was just precious.

  17. Bloody Panda 2.0 says:

    OMG When phyduck hugged pikachu and it said “I love you” AH SO CUTE

  18. Elmo, The Lord, Our Savior says:

    And best visual effects goes to…

    I honestly don’t even like Pokémon, but this movie looks funny as heck!

    • Sean Dudley says:

      Probably Lion King wins Best Visual Effects, or something that did deaging as well as Captain Marvel.

    • Elmo, The Lord, Our Savior says:

      Sean Dudley yeah, whenever I see lion king I can’t believe it’s not real. If captain marvel wins I will not be happy, cause it was not that appealing to look at

    • Bolony 21 says:

      ikr i never fully played/got into pokemon games but this movie looks interesting

  19. Sushi :3 says:

    I may have almost cried…
    I’m too sensitive for my own good.
    It was too cute! 🙂

  20. Jiren chillin in the comment section says:

    My friend: Can you tell me the different species of pokemon?

    Me: _Yeah, there’s Pikachu, Water Pikachu, Fire Pikachu, Dragon fire-breathing Pikachu, Cat Pikachu, Duck Pikachu, Frog Pikachu and Cotton Candy Pikachu_

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