What Action Heroes Do Between Movies

What Action Heroes Do Between Movies


Even superheroes need to cut loose.

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20 Responses

  1. max conran says:

    this is amazing, well done

  2. Konnor Fahy says:

    That was the greatest 180 seconds of my life 

  3. THE REAL Etai Taylor Bally says:

    This is my new favorite cracked XD

  4. LieutenantGibGib says:

    Love it! Good going, chaps!

  5. Benjamin Feehan says:

    It’s Pious Monks (Second Edition, best edition of course) with action

  6. Kalaloo says:

    Who’s the actor baking the mini quiches? I’ve seen him in different
    sketches on other channels but can’t remember his name.

  7. chrono4203 says:

    Most hardcore breakfast in history.

  8. KuronoXD says:

    Orange juice after brushing teeth! That was the most hardcore thing in the

  9. Rose Petraev says:

    That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Dayum.

  10. Everett27x says:

    THAT was awesome.

  11. Adrian lyacon says:

    yes, very cool. 

  12. PrinceBobbyHill says:

    “Takes glasses off” “Replaces with other glasses” best part! 

  13. gabriel martinez says:

    This has been the best cracked video in a long time

  14. EthalaRide says:

    This was AWESOME! Where’s the kid/dog sidekick?

  15. silverchicken20 says:

    This awesome!

  16. its_me says:

    the guy making the breakfast is in powers, he’s the power that was hired to
    fight that one chick but accidentally killed that mom

  17. dustinb42 says:

    Product placements for Hanes, Husky Tools, and (by extension) Home Depot.

  18. JB Entertainingness says:


  19. snakeoi1sean says:

    No explosions?

  20. Shivonne Janae says:

    Videos like this are why I love Cracked