What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 260? (Stipe Miocic Vs Francis Ngannou 2) Full Fight + Highlights Recap

What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 260? (Stipe Miocic Vs Francis Ngannou 2) Full Fight + Highlights Recap

Hey MMA fans, for today’s we will be covering And for today’s video, we will be covering What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 260? (Stipe Miocic Vs Francis Ngannou 2) Full Fight + Highlights Recap! The video includes Stipe Miocic Vs Francis Ngannou 2, Sean O’malley Vs Thomas Almeida, Tyron Woodley Vs Vicente Luque, and many more! If you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new! Also, don’t forget to hit that NOTIFICATION BELL to always stay tuned in for our new content! We hope you enjoy What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 260? (Stipe Miocic Vs Francis Ngannou 2) Full Fight + Highlights Recap?!

EXCRUCIATING Body Shots That RUPTURED Livers… below:


MMA Fighters That KNOCKED THEMSELVES Out… below:

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44 Responses

  1. George Vacek says:

    why does it seem to me that Stipe fell asleep the whole match .. he was as if he had gotten out of bed 1 minute before the match and was tired

    • khalil kelly says:

      @GameReviews has can tell u dont fight youtself a 43 year old randy coutoure beat a prime tito and a prime gabriel gonzaga stipes never looked better than in his last fight the bottem line was francis is just better now all he had was an overhand right last time they fought now he has worked on his striking and he has a ground game im telling u if francis fought prime stipe rn it would be the same result

    • Nae'il Percyel says:

      @Walter Whiteboy If Stipe is better, why didn’t he finish him the 1st fight?

    • CADCluEs says:

      @Paul leonard 3 years a long time man

    • Dillan Haggins says:

      @khalil kelly genius!

    • Michael Loza says:

      @GameReviews Magoomba*

  2. JooMartis rexha says:

    Stipe and Francis both are 👍👍

    • Alf B says:

      @Kally Shuz Stipe saves lives for a living…it just rubs you guys that he manages to be the best heavyweight as a hobby

    • bob smokes says:

      @IMA Knock Em OUT you a hater mate, come see me on Runescape and get your ass handed to you

    • Kally Shuz says:

      @Alf B lol I don’t care what he does for a living the fact still remains he couldn’t save his life against Francis.. did you notice how He was all relaxed and collected playing cards with his team while Francis was working out and all sweaty? I knew Stipe wouldn’t stand a chance.. the fact that he doesn’t have the title anymore it means he lost

    • Toast Of Christmas Eve says:

      @Kally Shuz Lol you and the “sweating” analogy, as if Stipe never broke a sweat when he was training? Pls

    • Kally Shuz says:

      @Toast Of Christmas Eve lol my bad.. let’s rather talk about how they put him to sleep then.. guys let’s just admit Francis was just too much for Stipe at the end of the day you win sum you lose sum

  3. KAZO98 says:

    I knew stipe would get finished this time around, Francis learned from the first and was more calm and calculated with his attack. It was truly amazing to watch. Hats off to both warriors

    • The Mighty Frog says:

      Just saying, if Ngannou needs 2+ fights to beat the top contenders, he’s not keeping the belt very long. Dana can only gift him so many rematches. You will never hear about Derrick Lewis beatin Ngannou, thats swept under the rug..

    • battlefield/socom ps says:

      @The Mighty Frog i agree 100%. Dude is too old to adapt . He haven’t dont it for too long and time mite not be on his side. Also im sure he want to retire before 40 and heavy weight takes lots of heavy punches.

      But don’t forget he has the power and in heavy weight, that matters the most

    • T K says:

      @GameReviews smh talk making hella excuses for Stipe lmao i knew this was coming

    • minion says:

      Francis didn’t fight different at all he’s still just a lucky bitch who has such crazy power he fights like an high schooler no joke I believe stipe will come back and regain that title.

    • Seth Cox says:

      Won 5 bux on this fit☺️🍻

  4. Anthony Poulin says:

    Here come the “he didn’t beat prime Stipe” comments.

  5. ThatSithLord says:

    I’m not glad stipe lost, but Ngannou deserved that belt and a new generation of champion is born

  6. Robert Smith says:

    Gotta have a 3rd fight. IF Stipe doesn’t retire. He deserves the 3rd fight.

  7. Domonik Pane says:

    skip the first minute of bs. dont need your recap of the history, just show the fight

  8. Krissy Hammer says:

    Finally. Someone who has the balls to show some clips to the fights

  9. Spartanous says:

    On Stipe: it was the longer hair going into this fight that did him in…his hair flappin’ around everywhere like Opera Man’s handkerchief. “Opera Man Bye Bye!!”

  10. N says:

    Stipe should of not lost so much weight. I mean, no wonder he couldn’t take down Ngannou, he was like 30 pounds lighter than Ngannou

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