What Animal picks up when you dial 911?

What Animal picks up when you dial 911?


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20 Responses

  1. Stylensky says:

    The fire department and ambulance drivers are pigs? Maybe you should
    call a crack head the next time you need emergency help.


  2. Jeurdann says:

    JukinMedia, please!

  3. John DelBasso says:

    Congratulations, you just uploaded a video of yourself playing with a
    children’s toy. Why not spend this time on reddit discussing atheism or
    indulging in some of my memes (pronounced may may) on /r/adviceanimals?

    -Reddit gold user, stage 3 atheist, 148 IQ

  4. Nnif Wald says:

    This is horrible but so funny. 

  5. IcePeten says:

    Hit 9,3,5,3 over and over again. Fast.

  6. TheRedditArmy says:

    Very funny.
    Much meme.

  7. jordan stevens says:

    Only blacks would not understand this joke

  8. Hadoken Puncher says:

    Fuck the police!

  9. MrJ0mmy says:


  10. seashell sparkles says:

    Americans who died in 9/11 > pigs?

  11. Phillip Morris says:

    Even toy makers dislike pigs. I applaud you, good sir.

  12. Charles Ellingson says:

    This video is anti police and the guy who made the vide should be put in

  13. Johnny Sunshine says:

    It says, “Hey, baby. Those aren’t your real parents. They stole you from a
    Wal Mart parking lot and your real mommy is here, with me, looking for you.
    Just come outside to the van parked on the corner. And don’t tell the mean
    people that stole you what you’re doing. They’ll KILL you!!!”

  14. Charles Ellingson says:

    This video is anti police and should be removed 

  15. Steven Danger says:

    I definitely smell a pork product of some kind. 

  16. woopygoman says:

    Loom E Gnat E Cone Firm!

  17. Robert Santellan says:

    It’s worth noting that there is a symbol of a pig on the #1 button.

  18. hikeskool says:

    OH I GET IT.

  19. Vertical Hunger says:

    Is that a real phone?…. doesn’t look like it

  20. Colin Nolan says:

    This obviously symbolizes the poor work effort put in by the corrupt put in
    by the “Pigs” of the police force! The device is trying to convey its hate
    for the african american community and overall justification for worldwide