What Are Eye Boogers?

What Are Eye Boogers?

Eye boogers: Not the most glamorous of bodily secretions, but important all the same. Learn why the heck you have sand in your eyes in the morning in this episode of Quick Questions.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. Xellos976 says:

    there was one time i couldn’t open my eye and several times where the eye
    lids are stuck at the corner

  2. aguywitha namecalledsomething says:

    I call them eye crust.

  3. Lora Coggins says:

    I’ve known Eye Boogers as Duckies.

  4. RavinKaito says:

    Actually would have loved to hear about animals in this video. Sometimes
    pets get these too and to crazy degrees.

  5. boatrat74 says:

    Since several generations before I was born, the official term in my family
    for sleep-eye goobers, has always been “Murkies”.

  6. Ethan Holley says:

    Why can’t we hear when we yawn?

  7. AJROtheWriter says:

    Why do some people get sick to their stomach, especially when other people
    describe disgusting visual stimuli?
    (Just had this happen for the first time EVER. My friend told me about a
    game monster called a Blood Spider that comes out and puts dead bodies into
    it’s stomach compartment in UFOAlien Invasion. I was almost done eating
    lunch and I NEVER got this feeling before in my LIFE!)

  8. Sardonicous1 says:

    Can’t stop blinking now, thanks.

  9. Neel Datta says:

    Why do we clap?

  10. First Last says:

    Why do dogs smell their butts?

  11. Jluyoungzone says:

    I’ve got conjuctivitis a few times before and not been able to open my eyes
    in the morning. I was a child at the time so i was absolutely terrified lol

  12. creepaze says:

    The boogers are strong with this one

  13. Jack “The Adult Movie Reviewer” Cole says:

    Your Mum

  14. Proverbs 16:4 KJV says:

    we called it cornbread

  15. Wild Wargasm says:

    sounds like Hank Green

  16. bella abo says:


  17. Davide tobecomewhole says:

    eye boogers has urine in it ..O_O

  18. ubb4me says:

    I dont know what it is but tastes good.

  19. Mehdi Boualam says:

    thnx for the sci fi team for this great episode but i really want to know
    does the moon has an oval rotation around the sun compared with a
    heliocentric referential ?
    this question has been confusing me a lot for many weeks and i really want
    to know the answer :)

  20. Dj says:

    Am I the only one who likes these things…