What Are Paper Towns?

What Are Paper Towns?

In which John discusses paper towns, paper streets, mountweazels, and other fictitious entries. Why do encyclopedia editors and lexicographers and cartographers occasionally make things up on purpose? And do these fictional nonfictions say anything about the relationship between the imagined and the real?

IN OTHER NEWS: The Paper Towns movie trailer will debut on The Today Show on Thursday morning!

ALSO: Check out Hold Me Closer, David Levithan’s new book!

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19 Responses

  1. epic3tv says:

    Does anyone else feel proud of themselvs for actually understanding most of
    what he was saying? I am :)

  2. Lindsey Miller says:

    I watched this and now I have to go sit in school all day, knowing the
    Paper Towns trailer comes out tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day…

  3. Larry Brade says:

    Better to throw up on Lauer than Charlie Rose

  4. ThatTeenGirl says:

    Casually shouts, it comes out on Thursday!, you can never stop advertising

  5. OptimusPhillip says:

    Technically the Apple dictionary is the New Oxford American Dictionary,
    though the app does also have a dictionary of Apple terms.

  6. Pashtun Pashtun says:

    Why aren’t you riding First Class or atleast Business Class, John Green !
    Spend some of your money on urself dude !

    – via YtPak(.com)

  7. Danielle Poteat says:

    They shot some of Paper Towns at the little gas station up the road from my
    house. I was really excited. I go to that gas station almost everyday to
    get a pack of gum and an energy drink. Can’t wait to see the movie! So
    proud of your success. 

  8. Trilogy says:


  9. RebelWinterwolf says:

    what point is there to copying maps? They’re supposed to convey EXACTLY THE

  10. Kayleigh Chagnon says:


  11. Dakota Hommes says:

    Good thought germ, John.

  12. bryn mitchell says:

    that was only published today? i saw it in waterstones like a week ago (UK)

  13. Brendan Boyle says:

    It’s weird, I’m currently watching the early Brotherhood 2.0 videos from
    2007 in which John is stressing over finishing this novel called Paper
    towns and now in the 2015 Vlogbrothers he’s talking about the movie
    trailer being released.

  14. Holly Peters says:

    Petition to put Hold Me Closer: a Tiny Cooper musical on Broadway

  15. Thomas Tulak says:

    paper towns trailer is coming out already??!! … great… that means they
    rushed it… *expectations lowered* :(

  16. LifeWitJamie says:

    I am now questioning what is real anymore, Everything I know could be a lie
    :O God dammit John

  17. GameSquid says:

    this is pretty interesting I never thought of this

  18. Cara Lee says:

    So excited for the Paper Towns movie! :-)

  19. swSephy | PC Gaming & Cars says:

    It’s “gifs,” not “gifs.”