What Are You Doing With Your Life? The Tail End

What Are You Doing With Your Life? The Tail End

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Wrapping your mind around your life is pretty hard, because you are up to your neck in it. It’s like trying to understand the ocean while learning how to swim. On most days you are busy just keeping your head above water. So it is not easy to figure out what to do with your life and how to spend your time.

There are a million distractions. Your family, friends and romantic partners, boring work, and exciting projects. Video games to play and books to read. And then there is your couch that somebody needs to lie on. It’s easy to get lost. So let us take a step back and take a look at your life from the outside.

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43 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    The script was inspired by an old article from my friend Tim Urban, who runs “Wait but Why”, the best blog on the internet, make sure to check it out. https://waitbutwhy.com It’s so easy to get lost in your daily life: there are so many “urgent” and “annoying” things that you forget that actually every day is special, sort of. And even more so the days we have with friends and family. I know watching a video like this can hit pretty hard. But at least for me, the message it tries to convey does make me actually change my behavior. Reprioritize things. You know. Hope it had a similar effect for some of you.
    Also, if you want to track how many weeks off your life you have left or get a new perspective on this stuff, we’ve made a few posters you can check out. Getting something from our shop is the best way to support our channel. https://kgs.link/N3Ksfqvp In any case, call someone you haven’t called in a while today. And thank you for watching. – Philipp

    • Ratglove Productions says:

      @eSKAone did you even watch the entire video

    • Ratglove Productions says:

      @Miguel Sanchez obviously not everyone has the “ideal” life but there are still lessons to be taken from this video. Also I don’t get how you would use scientific observations to know that not everyone has the “ideal” life. Also what is “ideal” to you might not be an ideal life to someone else

    • Organon says:

      This is way too metaphysical. Just Black Holes please.

    • slimsadie😳 says:

      Can you be a little happier

    • arikowidTrash says:

      thank u sir

  2. Billy Styler says:

    Ah yes, another Kurzgesagt video that reminds me of my quarter-life crisis.

    • Kira Al-iraqi says:

      @09 potatoboi so does every life but it is the people that we find along the way is whats important you shouldnt live to be remembered but to live. i mean you say you depressed well i am an iraqi and do you realize that just been that itself is depressing you surrounded by bigots on all sides, every nation out to steal your right for oil under you, you get the worst education (islamic one) and non existing helthcare you have to travel to get one, iran want to conquer you and have your people sterilized(like they did in ahvaz), even water is cut from us iran built dams on it and turkey redused it 50% by also new dams , we have electricy half of the day, we tried to repel but the UN backstab us by Support the government, every one who talk against the government get killed by the iranians militia, every time we gets self sufficient in something like fish or crops it gets burned down or poisoned and who knows what will happenen if the people starve and your life is bad? all i am saying is to have principle and be true to them if you got to do some thing even if it is becoming small or big like ruler it should be because of them not because of dreams or ambition

    • 09 potatoboi says:

      @Kira Al-iraqi I just wish to be in a partial universe with no 2020,:)

    • Kira Al-iraqi says:

      @09 potatoboi life is full of disappointment and you should embrace it, that fact will help you chersh every moment with your loved one in your life

    • 09 potatoboi says:

      @Kira Al-iraqi meh like after we die what happens to us like do we go to another universe or something

    • Zenith Kaijaou says:

      @A L E P H At the age of 1 a year represents 100% of your lifetime, at age 2 a year represents 50% of your lifetime and so on. The perception of time changes as you get older as well as the way we feel about time meaning that the first ~25 years will feel as long as the remaining lifetime. This is of course dependent on what age you live to. This statistic may have been made using the global average lifespan so the real half perceived age may be slightly greater if you live in a developed country.

  3. Dennis 17 says:

    Kurzgesagt is like that one teacher no one asked for but everyone needed.

  4. TCCB1833 says:

    When I was 25 I thought to myself; “I haven’t even met the person that I will spend most of my life with.” Now I’m 32 years old and have been with her for about 100 weeks. Still have (hopefully) over 3000 weeks left. I’m not at the tail end, I’m at the start!

  5. CLebs says:

    I started crying when you talked about the time we have left with our parents. I lost my Dad last year in April and I regret not visiting him more and asking him some of the questions I have around Life and meaning. He was my mentor, and best friend and I miss him so much.

    • abid yacine says:

      my condolences

    • Samuel Persson says:

      Dude, this hit me hard. I hope you’re taking good care of yourself, your pops would have wanted you to. Much love to you man.❤️

    • Ethan Weiher says:

      🙁 I feel bad for you man 😭

    • Angelica Espitia says:

      My condolences.

    • Juniorkirk says:

      Same here. I dread the day I won’t be able to see him in person anymore. When he started his YouTube channel a few years ago on outboard engine repair stuff, and now his 2nd channel on 3D printing, the blow will be lessened since I’ll be able to go back and watch them and see his personality again. He said he was going to delete all the raw footage he has recorded over the past few years, but I tell him not to, those have all the flubs and goofs that make them more cherished. I need to copy all his old footage from his computer just in case he does decide to wipe them out.

  6. SLipeNNN says:

    the stoic approach: assume things might be happening for the last time and try to give them your all. love it

  7. Marques Brownlee says:

    I guess youth really is wasted on the young.

    • iMrQueso says:

      omg the fortnite guy

    • Sleepy says:

      Ohhhhh he said the thingggggg

    • Angelica Espitia says:


    • Dario Impini says:

      @Mark Jacobson That’s inevitable. My kids do the same despite my warnings. I did the same. Your 20s are your invincible/immortal/genius period. You’re smarter and more spry than everyone else and always will be. Until you’re not. And that day sneaks up on you from behind and you only realize it after the fact, like getting shot in the back by an unknown assailant.

    • amirbahalegharn365 says:

      because from age 6-10, the educational systems in place only teach you science,instead of human psychology and society involvement in addition to let you grow as one smart species together,instead of letting each person grow in their own environments and their own genetics instead of working collectively to learn how to shape our futures within and without

  8. Arie Vanden Berg says:

    Kurzgesagt: are you having a existential crisis

    Me: no

    Kurzgesagt: would you like to?

  9. Alan Avalos says:

    I feel like at this point, crying would be a common thing

  10. IstasPumaNevada says:

    “Let’s take a step back and look at your life from the outside.”
    Oh no. No. No no no.

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