What Are You?

What Are You?

What Are You?

So. Are you your body? And if so, how exactly does this work? Lets explore lots of confusing questions.

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What Are You?

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20 Responses

  1. Eggdumbhead says:

    When he says “Let’s make it more complicated.” And I’m just like O_O no I’m

  2. Jacob Nugent (yacabo) says:

    I felt like I had a stable answer for all of these

  3. _Bilbobaggins982 _ says:

    Oh my god

  4. MrCr3ep3r says:

    tolles video!

  5. Bryan Gutierrez says:

    Great, now you have made me feel bad about cancer…

  6. KING kat says:


  7. Jose Leon says:

    an idiot sandwich

  8. Derpy Hooves says:

    I personally say that you are your memorys.

  9. LegitD0nuT says:

    I wrote a book report on Henrietta Lacks last year and never thought I’d
    hear her name again. Kurzgesagt always seems to put something that I’ve
    learned recently in their videos, coincidentally. By far the best channel
    on this website. Keep it up!

  10. smeggyhead1 says:

    The video is in 2 parts, split between 2 different people – I see what you
    did there!

  11. Winnreck says:

    Synths aren’t people.

  12. HOLyPumpgun | Gaming says:

    “We think too big
    We think our self is one whole thing
    and we claim that this collection has a name and is a being
    but deep inside, when every cell devides
    well, it sets upon the rule that states ‘self interest is divine’.
    And cancer, too, lives by this golden rule,
    that you must do unto the others as the others unto you, all for the best
    ’cause that’s all that life accepts and so we kill it like a buffalo
    with awe and with respect.”

    -This Too Shall Pass by Danny Schmidt

    I felt like this passage fits the science part of this video very well.

  13. SuperCookieandthecraft says:

    Or it that our self is our consciousness and personality of the whole
    system and not consciousness and personality of the individual parts of the
    system. Death is our consciousness and personality leaving the physical
    body because it can no longer sustain the body and itself. So Mrs.Lax’s
    cells are distributed across the globe, those cells do not contain Her
    consciousness and personality so she is dead but her body is alive. And
    when you give an organ to another person it no longer contributes to your
    consciousness and personality or the ability of the donor to stay alive but
    it keeps another alive so it becomes a part of them. I hope that make

  14. Cheese_Man says:

    You know stuff get serious when you’re leaving science and entering

  15. Spongeyperson says:

    I smiled a bit when CGP Grey showed up :D

  16. Ila na says:

    New video…and new intro! Nice :D

  17. Thomas Moulden says:

    Kurzgesagt’s video “What Are You?”
    CGP Grey’s video “You Are Two”
    nice timing wow

  18. Hidef 7564 says:

    This is so confusing…

  19. TheSzergejjj says:

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell – I am summoning you DARKK MANE!!

  20. Océane Garcia says:

    I really love the animation!