What Black Lives Matter Protests are really about

What Black Lives Matter Protests are really about

here — https://blmsites.carrd.co/

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  1. Michael A says:

    This 53 year old Black man, whose personally lived through a lot of traumatic experiences because of racism in our country, thanks you from the bottom of his heart.

    You didn’t have to take this position. You certainly didn’t have to vocalize your position and risk marring your own reputation and success with your viewers.

    So thank you for being a good man, Casey. I pray those who may not listen to me might listen to you.

  2. Jaleesa Jaikaran says:

    Thank you for acknowledging Breonna Taylor. She is finally getting the attention she deserves. As a black woman, it hurts my heart.

    Today is her birthday – please go to standwithbre dot com and take action. Justice MUST be served!!

  3. Stanton K. Souza says:

    I cannot believe these types of things are still happening……when will we learn.

  4. marielle co says:

    i’ve always loved casey. i was even a beta tester for BEME back in 2015! got to meet a bunch of nice, random strangers one afternoon in santa monica.

    most of my favorite YTers have yet to say/post anything about BLM and/or george floyd. it really makes me question what i subscribe to and the information i allow into my brain.

    so thank you, casey, for always using your platform to spread the good. for anyone else reading this comment, PLEASE VOTE! remember that every part plays a pivotal role in the revolution! whether you protest in the streets, or from your computer at home, we should all stand for solidarity and justice. if you haven’t said anything yet, please resonate with why you haven’t.

    casey if u need somewhere to park in downtown while you protest, my garage is open. thanks for always inspiring.


  5. Dylan says:

    I have to comment on this video so the algorithm recommends it to other people

    What a great video, thank you very much 🙂

  6. GadgetsBoy says:

    I’m just baffled about where and when we lost how to be human…wearing a uniform or your job shouldn’t make you act inhuman

    • Cervi says:

      But it does. We know about this behavior so much (Stanford prison experiment etc.). I’m from Czechia and I don’t understand what is happening. That cop is a bad cop, bad person and he killed a guy. Your judicial system knows what happened and it will punish that cop. So what are you doing America? Destroying your own country during already difficult times.

    • Nivek Nanorc says:

      for selling cigarettes?? i never knew that,, that is what happened,, why are they not saying this on the news,,, of all the coverage i have watched they never mention that, why is that not being told on the news,, of all the stupid things to be killed over,,,

    • Chris says:

      @Nivek Nanorc, that’s a separate incident from 2014. On July 17, 2014, Eric Garner was killed in the New York City borough of Staten Island after Daniel Pantaleo, a New York City Police Department officer, put him in a chokehold while arresting him.

    • Chris says:

      @Cervi, if you want to know why this is happening, it’s because it’s happened many times before with no justice being served. You’d think they officers would _definitely_ be tried and go to jail, but that’s often not the case. There are mechanism set in place to protect police from jail time.

  7. Idi B says:

    2:44 *allegedly, no proof of the counterfeit bill

  8. Melanie Raabe says:

    Thank you, Casey. Lots of love from Germany.

  9. John knab says:

    This was so empowering, motivating, and inspiring

  10. Kyparn says:

    The paralell to Martin Luther King in the end was perfect. More people need to see this video.

  11. Keanu Reeves says:

    you know he’s being serious when there’s no paint on his glasses

  12. Flu Ent says:

    i was wondering when would casey post a video esp cuz i know these types of situations he would speak up, esp when he was still living in NY

  13. Binogajy says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself ✊🏾✊🏻

  14. rakesh singh says:

    Im so sick of this discrimination that sometimes i think we should agree that we are different and we should acknowledge our differences and by the help of this at the same time we could be less different

  15. Angelo says:

    No cuts, clear and sincere ideas. This is the Casey we love.

  16. Madi Schulz says:

    In short: Amen.Thank you for this.

  17. Wisanu Sae-Wang says:

    Imagine having a knee on your neck while watching this 8 minute video.

  18. Seth Design says:

    “How do you wanna remember your role in this? And with that, i say lets go! Put on our f**** boots because its time to march!”

    Neistat, Casey.
    June, 04, 2020

  19. 1ClickTrick says:

    Never a truer word said! Well done brother. Now is the time for change and now is the the time for all the silent to stand. ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾❤️

  20. jadon papik says:

    There is 100% racism in america but another part of the problim is police brutality.

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