WHAT COLOR IS THIS DRESS? (Teens React Special)

WHAT COLOR IS THIS DRESS? (Teens React Special)

What Color Is This Dress? Teens react and discuss. What do you think?
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The following episode featured the following Reactors:
Created by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)
Produced by Vincent Ieraci
Associate Producer – David Janove
Production Assistant – Danny Donaldson & Patrick Dougall
Post Production Supervisor – Nick Bergthold
Graphics & Animation – Will Hyler
Editor – Benny Fine, Shaun Lavery
Assistant Editor – Rebecca Wood
Music by – Cyrus Ghahremani

© Fine Brothers Entertainment 2015
This format and title of this program is protected under Copyright and Trademark Law and may not be emulated or re-created in any way without express consent in any territory worldwide.

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20 Responses

  1. Casandra Minetor says:

    so done with this picture!

  2. MemeFaceGamer says:

    plz teens react to five nights at freddys 3

  3. sprinkleofhope says:

    I can’t believe someone who lives on an extremely small island in Scotland
    next to where i live actually took this picture! I’ve been to the Island
    Uist and its such a tiny place, i can’t believe it was THERE that started
    all of this. Things like that just don’t happen here. The person from Uist
    who took this picture must be dying of shock. Come on like Miley Cyrus is
    talking about this dress! Its phenomenal! 

  4. odomisauq says:

    Please do teens react to World Order (Japanese Band)!

  5. JJ Lachowski says:

    I always pause when Shant’s on screen. 

  6. Ananda Luchiano says:

    its gold and blue guys are you kidding me

  7. Jordy Lentjes says:

    No, its blue and gold

  8. Srijana Christiaens says:

    teens react to five nights at freddy 3 (the game is out)

  9. LOLZOFURY. says:

    Pllllleeeease do teens react to five nights at freddys 3!!!

  10. MLG Becker says:

    How about a Teens React to the Rubik’s Cube? :)

  11. Jessica Jurcan says:

    it’s white and gold

  12. Kaustav Adhikary says:


  13. Meg - says:

    out of all these teenagers not one thought, wait it could be the white

  14. Bram Collier says:

    Teens react to Filthy Frank!

  15. Cody Kill says:

    Teens react to fnaf song mangled or fnaf 1song 2song 3song:) muhahahahahhh

  16. Chaos Vlogs says:

    Elders react to fnaf3

  17. Rhys Heaver says:

    fNAF 3

  18. Carolina Mascitti says:

    im scared.. i only see white and gold… like am i color blind

  19. Ghostboy GamingandReviews says:

    It depends on your perception of light…
    I see blue and gold……. A blackish gold….

  20. Troublesome Two says:

    Make them play five nights at freddys 3