What Dan and Phil Text Each Other 2022

What Dan and Phil Text Each Other 2022

Dan and I open up our mildly cursed messaging history from 2022!

Treat yourself and go see Dan in REAL LIFE in 2023 – Australia, NZ and Europe! http://www.danielhowell.com

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Music: Kevin Macleod – Incompetech.com

Community captions – https://amara.org/videos/NSi3U9fHfJUo/info/what-dan-and-phil-text-each-other-2022/?team= THANK YOU!!

Have a very merry festive season and see you all in 2023!

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29 Responses

  1. liza Shorokhova says:

    phil not remembering how old dan is and dan not remembering when phil’s birthday is is so true to life

  2. Laura Mayes says:

    it makes perfect sense that, at this point, they just speak their own unique language with each other, and I think that’s beautiful.

  3. Alora Nygren says:

    i will definitely be adding “less than pog” into my vocabulary when someone asks how i am feeling

  4. Gabri_cheesellamasneeze says:

    1:33 so we’re just gonna pretend like Phil didn’t almost burn down the house? We’re just gonna breeze past that?

  5. Aaliyah Elizabeth says:

    surprised phil hasn’t kill the CHRISTMAS tree tbh 😀

  6. u7amaki says:

    expecting most of the texts to be plant related or unexplainable memes from dan

  7. Aim Publishing says:

    I want the sweater Phil is wearing I’m so- ugh, truly just happy for y’all

    • Rachel Barenblat says:

      The best Chanukah gift I managed to get for my teenager (who is as much a D&P fan as I am) is the black and white sweater that Phil’s been wearing in recent videos, including the most recent ep of Dystopia Daily where viewers pick Dan’s outfits. 😀

  8. Jeanz says:

    I love that this is an annual tradition now

  9. WillOhNoItsMe says:

    Phil shouldve taken the AI’s advice and bought a bunch of fake replacement plants

  10. juliette says:

    10 seconds in and you’re already calling dan a furry.

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