What Did Dinosaurs Taste Like?

What Did Dinosaurs Taste Like?

Have you ever wondered what dinosaur meat might have tasted like? Chances are you’ve eaten dinosaur more recently than you might expect.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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20 Responses

  1. Taiju Sakai says:


  2. Solid Banana says:

    why are there dinosaurs around my anus

  3. Joseph Bowman says:

    Most American question ever

  4. Sowel 44 says:

    This is the single most important question that SciShow has ever asked.
    Some one please science me up a grilled tyrannosaurus stake!

  5. Johnny says:

    To be honest, I have never asked myself that question.

    And I still clicked on this Video…

  6. Potato Carrot says:

    Dinosaurs taste like chicken

  7. VirtualVictory says:

    Did you just assume modern birds’ species? _Triggered_

  8. Wesjuah says:

    i can’t say that I’ve ever thought about this, but ill sleep well knowing Ill be eating dino wings tomorrow.

  9. jaja says:

    I hate how everyone says that Dinosaurs = Chickens…. Yes they are related but come on

  10. Jakeyy says:

    Guess you can say they’re




  11. PixelPower says:

    This is one of those questions that you never think of but that are actually really interesting.

  12. Dull Fiction says:

    Everything tastes like chicken, even dinosaurs

  13. BlackCat2 says:

    If you consider alligators a living dinosaur then I have eaten a dinosaur. It tasted like really tough chicken. It took forever to chew and swallow it. I have never had it again nor do I desire to.

  14. Kelly S says:

    Wouldn’t alligator meat be closer to dinosaurs? Alligator (from the local Cajun restaurant) tastes very much like chicken.

  15. son0of0the0beast says:

    People need to stop saying how they hate calling birds dinosaurs. That’s like saying how you hate when people call dogs canines.

  16. Lewis Danson says:

    Are slow and fast twitch muscles developed by an individual, or passed on through genetics?
    For example; would a marathon runner, who uses their leg muscles for long durations, have different types of muscle fibres in their legs than a sprinter, who uses their leg muscles for short bursts of intense power?

  17. Mohammed says:

    I’ve always wondered what humans taste like.

    What?! ?

  18. Angelo Ortiz says:

    “Birds are *technically* dinosaurs”
    Yeah and everyone earth is *technically* an ape

  19. Dennis Haupt says:

    i learned from this video that chickens are predators

  20. sebas_pwnage says:

    what could selective breeding do to the human race, physical and mentally

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